Trailer Watch, Pass or Fail edition: Machete versus The Social Network, plus a bonus trailer

Good Lord, we’re behind on our movie trailers, aren’t we? Let’s get down to it, then!

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Walt Disney to produce a live-action movie about gargoyles

The latest news out of the House of Mouse has me pretty bewildered.

According to Marc Graser at Variety, the next live-action film in the Walt Disney Studios pipeline will be something about gargoyles, with Zoe Green in final negotiations to write it and Lauren Shuler Donner producing.

I can hear many of you thinking, “Wait, ‘Gargoyles’? As in the awesome 1994 animated cartoon about a bunch of creatures who by day are lifeless statues but at night come alive and protect a modern day New York City metropolis from the schemings of a businessman named Xanatos?”

And this is where I have to dash your hopes and say that no, Graser’s sources say that it’s not tied to it, but will be something entirely different: Continue reading “Walt Disney to produce a live-action movie about gargoyles”

Black Star Warrior needs your help, badly

Once again, Google informed me that the latest and final part of the Black Star Warrior documentary is online, and this one has an appeal for help at the end:

As the YouTube comments have so far stated, this is really tripping my “This is fake” buttons, but I also agree that it’s so well-done that I don’t care. The glimpses at the end of the documentary of what looks like “actual” footage is pretty interesting, and if indeed they will be releasing a trailer to go along with this, you know I’ll be all over it. Also, isn’t Comic Con coming up soon?

Anyway, if you think you can help, go visit for more information.

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Keeping Tabs: Avatar sequel unlikely to win animation Oscars, and other stories

  • Ever since Spirited Away was the second movie to win the Best Animated Feature award and the first anime (and non-English language) movie to win, anime and animation geeks have been keeping a close eye on this Academy Awards category. The newest change in the rules of the category, amongst other rules changes, were announced, including this death blow for films like Avatar which featured extensive use of new technology: “”Motion capture by itself is not an animation technique.” (Source: ANN)
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Geeking Out About… presents: Twilight: New Moon the Commentary and Discussion Notes

As of this posting, you have a little over 15 hours left until the deadline to submit your answers to the trivia questions posed in our very first contest ever here at Geeking Out The trivia questions are here, the rules are here, and if you’d like a little insight into what we thought of the second movie and the Twilight phenomenon as a whole—although by now, I think you can hazard a guess that our thoughts are not in favor of it—you can download our commentary and discussion notes, below:

Over the weekend, we’ll be busy busy choosing the finalists and recording yet another podcast; good luck to all!

Trailer Watch: Easy A first full trailer

At first I was afraid (I was petrified) that the adaptation of the novel The Scarlett Letter into the live-action film Easy A would be a “torturous hack job” but I recanted that when I learned more about director Will Gluck and his screenwriter Bert V. Royal.

I became even more optimistic with the casting of Emma Stone as the lead, and the addition of a kick-ass supporting cast that includes folks like Thomas Haden Church, Stanley Tucci, and Lisa Kudrow.

After having watched the first trailer, I gotta say…? I’m totally digging it:

Here’s a synopsis:

After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl (Emma Stone) sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne’s in The Scarlet Letter, which she is currently studying in school—until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.

I like how Stone’s character Olive Penderghast is a smart girl who is secure enough not to be overly cowed by the uproar over her actions. I desperately hope that this thread of sassiness remains through the entire movie, and I also hope that none of her sass gets sacrificed in the name of “restoring” her reputation.

Easy A is out in U.S. theaters on September 17.

Geeking Out About… presents: Twilight the Commentary!

As of this posting, there are a little over 48 hours left until the deadline to submit your answers to the trivia questions posed in our very first contest ever here at Geeking Out The trivia questions are here, the rules are here, and if you’d like a little insight into what we thought of the first movie, you can download our very first podcast ever, below:

Tomorrow (because it’s still about 15 minutes to midnight over here!) I’ll post up our shorter commentary to Twilight: New Moon, and over the weekend, while we’re busy choosing the finalists and recording yet another podcast, you’ll be able to listen to our thoughts about the first two movies.

Good luck to all!

Former wrestler, director’s son get their hands on Manos sequel

Back in June, it was reported by that one Rupert Talbot Munch, Sr. was going to be arriving at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in his usual cosplay attire as Torgo from Manos: The Hands of Fate with a special announcement in tow: Munch is producing a sequel to that infamously bad movie. Featuring original cast members Jackey Raye Neyman Jones (Debbie, the young daughter) and Bernie Rosenblum (the guy in the make-out car), the film has also recently added three more cast members.

According to Stephen J. Pytak of the Pottsville Republican Herald, former WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky, the grand marshal in that town’s Independence Day parade, will have a starring role in the film, which is slated to begin filming in El Paso, Texas in early 2011. This report confirms the news announced by Munch, Sr. via Twitter where he also mentioned that original director Hal Warren’s son Joe would also be joining the cast as well as Benton Jennings, a character actor and the son of a man who played one of the cops in the movie.

I remember the first time I saw Manos; I also recall that one of the favorite things my geeky circle of friends loved to do back in the day was to inflict it upon the unwary. I think that part of its appeal is just how horribly bad it is, but it never actually becomes a So Bad It’s Good movie, no matter what the editors at TV Tropes say. It’s just bad.

Looking at Munch’s video announcement, however? I think I may have to re-think my analysis of what exactly “bad” is.

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Johnny Depp to become next Doctor?

Not exactly.

On one side, you have Chris Greenland, a blogger from science fiction publishing house who said last week that Johnny Depp will be the star of a movie adaptation of the quintessentially British TV series.

After citing a deleted article from content mill which said that the reason that new series creator Russell T. Davies moved on from the show to work on the movie, Greenland went on to say, “[I]t was with even greater surprise that movie studio sources confirmed with today that, while it can’t comment on possible story elements, the casting of Johnny Depp as the Doctor for a 2012 film is confirmed.”

On the other side is Charlie Jane Anders from who went straight to the BBC and reported back that there is no plans to adapt “Doctor Who” into a movie franchise and that any talk was pure speculation.

Since Greenland’s article is still up and a redaction has not been printed, it makes me wonder exactly who his source is and how high up the chain he or she is. However, that’s the extent of the baseless speculation I’m going to be doing here as no one else has been able to independently verify this news through their own sources.