More “news” about BlackStar Warrior?

At first, I was dubious at the thought or idea that floating out in the ether somewhere is a blaxploitation version of Star Wars, but I quickly forgot about the whole concept—until my YouTube subscription alert mentioned that the second part of the documentary was online:

Going back to the blog, I found this blog entry which explained that Alan, the blog’s author, has a friend who created a movie poster featuring Lando Calrissian as the star of a spinoff Star Wars movie called Lando, and it was this action that started the whole thing:

[Alan’s artist friend] Matt decided it would be fun to dig around and explore the rumblings about this supposed 1980’s Blaxploitation film that takes place in the Star Wars universe. After uncovering some tantalizing evidence he thought Marcus might be telling the truth.

I’m totally calling shenanigans on this, because it all smacks of “friend of a friend” business; and yet, subsequent posts on the blog suggest that this Alan guy totally believes it’s real. Also? He’s got consistent pictures of his family on the blog, including candid vacation shots, and I don’t think anyone would do that to their kids on a hoax website… would they?

I’m going to try and get to the bottom of this, because I have to admit, if is fake, it’s really well done.

3 thoughts on “More “news” about BlackStar Warrior?”

  1. This shit is real, dude. I saw that same picture of the officers when I was a kid.

  2. Well, if you look closely at the small print at the video's end, you can read that “this work of parody is covered under fair use laws …”
    So while it looks pretty convincing, it seems to be fake indeed.

  3. That disclaimer is just standard boilerplate. It's at the end of Michael Moore's documentaries as well.

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