Twilight: The 10 Trivia Questions

As promised in the rules to our very first contest here at Geeking Out, here are the 10 trivia questions that you must answer in as humorous a fashion as possible before July 9 for your entry to be considered for one of three fabulous prizes:

1. What was the inspiration behind the Twilight series of novels?

2. Each “vampire” in Edward Cullen’s family has a special power. Name at least three.

3. What are the things about Bella Swan’s personality which make many people claim she’s a Mary Sue?

4. How many guys at Bella’s new high school asked her to the dance, and in what order did they do it?

5. The treaty between Jacob Black’s tribe and the Cullens can be breached in at least two ways. Name one.

6. What was James’ plan to lure Bella away from her protectors?

7. For how long does Bella mope during New Moon, and how does this passage of time get portrayed in the novel?

8. What is Jacob’s secret, and how does it get revealed?

9. Bella performs “thrill-seeking” acts in to try and become closer to Edward Cullen. Name at least one.

10. Of all the lines from the novel to include in Twilight the movie, which is the one that fans have actually tattooed on their bodies and why? (Extra points if you send pictures; there may be multiple correct answers, but we’re thinking of one in particular.)

In a brief change from the original rules, the best answers will funny but they don’t have to be exactly correct. But to paraphrase pop culture blogger and “Movies in Fifteen Minutes” author Cleolinda Jones, the reality of what happens in Twilight is far more hilarious sometimes.

Send in your “answers” to with the Subject header “Twilight Contest” to enter to win one of three fabulous prizes: $15 gift certificates for either (or your preferred equivalent, if they’ll let us buy them) or iTunes. The winners will each be chosen by myself, co-editor Jillian and lead reviewer Lyssa. Selections from the winning entries and some select honorable mentions will be announced sometime before July 20 here on the blog.

If you have any questions about the contest, ask them here, and we’ll try and get them answered in as prompt a fashion as possible.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Twilight: The 10 Trivia Questions”

  1. 1. The novels were inspired by the idea of “What if Anne Rice had written the Book of Mormon”?

    2. Irene can make plants grow, Ivy can enhance other people's powers, and, of course, Bink cannot be harmed by magic.

    3. She has no personality, to allow the female reader to overlay her own personality without worry that anything will actually conflict.

    4. Both of the gay guys asked her, in reverse order of height.

    5. If either Jacob or any of the Cullens ever wear plaid, play the bagpipes, or eat haggis, then one member of the other side is allowed to whack them with a gold-plated golf club.

    6. “Hey, Bella, I have limited-edition Justin Bieber merchandise…back in my subterranean lair, which you open by putting your wrists into these manacles and pulling really hard.”

    7. Bella mopes for 1 year, 2 months, 3 days, 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 6 seconds, which is represented as a colourful smily-face with a streak of blood moving around the outside as time passes.

    8. Jacob's secret is that he's actually the ancient guardian of the island, which is revealed during that episode with Allison Janney.

    9. How about when she was sitting on top of that rocketing ICBM with a cowboy hat, saying “Yee-haaaaaah”?

    10. I'd have to say it was when Bella starts singing “If I Were A Bell” from “Guys & Dolls”.

  2. Ack! And now I've given them away, everyone will be copying my answers! I better come up with totally different ones! I know, I'll just change the order. Nobody will expect that.

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