First-time author to use first book to raise funds for teens in need

When I first dreamed up the idea behind, I was determined that one of the key things we would always do is to not only highlight what’s neat and geeky out there in the world but also to highlight those other creative people who are choosing to get up off of their butts and […]

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Trisha’s Take: Using the Force as a force of good

When Carrie Goldman wrote about her daughter Katie who was teased when she brought her Star Wars-themed water bottle to school because “Star Wars is for boys, and not girls,” and the Internet and cast and crew members from “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” proved that was most definitely not the case, I kept a […]

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Desert Bus for Hope 4 rolls out… for the children!

As a liberal-minded geek, I try and donate to charity whenever I can because I believe that helping other people and being altruistic is a pretty cool thing. Also as a kid, I spent almost an entire week strapped to a bed at the Childrens Hospital of Orange County in California after a kidney surgery. […]

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How Padme Amidala, Yoda, and the Internet are standing up to bullies for a Star Wars-loving mini-geekette

No matter what kind of geek you are, there’s something that all of us share in common which makes us different from aficionados, hobbyists, and dabblers. When we were younger, we got teased and bullied. A lot. In his book The Happiest Days of Our Lives, writer/actor Wil Wheaton wrote extensively of how being a […]

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Trisha’s Take: How Hollywood may still be “doing it wrong” in the world of web entertainment

When it comes to being a writer or actor, we currently live in interesting times—and by “interesting” I’m using the “Chinese curse” definition of the word. Computers and the Internet have not only opened up a new distribution method for people to see their work and give them money for it, but also a way […]

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Black Star Warrior needs your help, badly

Once again, Google informed me that the latest and final part of the Black Star Warrior documentary is online, and this one has an appeal for help at the end: As the YouTube comments have so far stated, this is really tripping my “This is fake” buttons, but I also agree that it’s so well-done […]

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