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Trailer Watch: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Piggy-backing on my comments from last week, if I were a more ardent fan of the X-Men comics, I’d be rightly pissed off that instead of Kitty Pryde being sent back to her younger self to warn the X-Men of 1980 of a horrific war that would spell the end of mutantkind, they chose to […]

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Trailer Watch: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I loved seeing Captain America interact with the Black Widow in these scenes from the trailer, and it shouldn’t matter to me that in the comics they worked together; their relationship now seems to be just as interesting and still as exciting as those old stories were when they were first published. I may be […]

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Carrie marketing team deserves an award

Presented without comment.

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Trailer Watch: Ender’s Game

For every dollar I spend going to see Ender’s Game, I vow to spend twice as much in a donation to a gay rights group. Won’t you join me?

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Trailer Watch: Lincoln Returns Edition

So I was gone for a bit. Moving. Starting an internship at a music magazine. Stressing about moving and starting an internship at a music magazine. But now I’m back, and I’ll be trying to post as often as possible. Let’s get things started easy, with a grab bag of trailers that came out recently. […]

Trailer Watch: Hitchcock

When it comes to Oscar-bait, there are two types of films. There are those that can be dismissed as overdone, earnest melodrama, reaching for that statue with their entire being. These films, while they might be good films, have a tendency to grate one’s nerves, making you struggle to see the film’s true virtues. And […]

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Tolkien Week Trailer Watch: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This week is a long expected party celebrating 75 years since the publication of The Hobbit. As I work at a bookstore, I’ve been privy to a bevy of delightful new editions, including a hardcover pocket edition featuring Tolkien’s original cover, a book including and about all of the illustrations he did for the book, […]

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Trailer(ish) Watch:Spielberg’s Lincoln

Well, this doesn’t really count as a trailer, since it’s actually just a teaser for the trailer release, but hey, we’re getting our first look at Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln in Spielberg’s upcoming Lincoln. The full trailer premieres during a Google Hangout with Mr. Spielberg on September 13.

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Trailer Watch: On The Road and ‘Why haven’t you read Cloud Atlas yet?’

On The Road is a classic. Possibly the defining book of the Beat era, Jack Kerouac’s semi-autobiographical novel is an excellent view into what being a young, bohemian writer has stereotypically become for generations of English majors. And Walter Salles (Director Dark Water, Paris je t’aime) has adapted it with arguably one of the most […]

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Trailer Watch: Ang Lee wants another Oscar

Life of Pi has had a rocky road to production. Considered a difficult project to put on screen, it was briefly considered by M. Night Shyamylan. Thankfully, though, Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee has picked it up for his next film, and it looks to be the rare creature that will actually benefit from 3D. […]

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