Trailer Watch: Ender’s Game

For every dollar I spend going to see Ender’s Game, I vow to spend twice as much in a donation to a gay rights group. Won’t you join me?

2 thoughts on “Trailer Watch: Ender’s Game

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think double the money to gay groups is enough. No money should be going to Card that he can give to anti equality organisations. And I don’t feel like supporting a guy who said we should overthrow the government if they bring in marriage equality laws. I won’t be seeing this even though Ender’s is one of my all time favourite books.

    1. I totally understand your stance, and respect it. My stance is that more people than just Orson Scott Card were involved in making this movie. It’s also part of what convinced me to pledge only enough to be under the first tier of rewards for the first Penny Arcade KickStarter campaign.

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