R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen — 1948-2011

News first broke on Twitter from Doctor Who writers and actors including Nicola Bryant, Paul Cornell, and Mark Gatiss.  Now BBC News has confirmed that actress Elisabeth Sladen, known to fans as companion Sarah Jane Smith, has died at the age of 63. Sarah Jane first entered the Whoniverse in the 1973 Third Doctor story […]

Anime convention to send condolences to surviving members of Satoshi Kon’s family

One of the things I love about the Otakon anime convention is that the people who run it not only have a great love of the medium, they care about people in the industry as well. After director Satoshi Kon’s passing two months ago, the members of the non-profit responsible for running the Baltimore, Md. […]

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RIP: Stuart E. Hample, cartoonist and humorist

Last Sunday, a humorist and cartoonist named Stuart Hample died. He was 84, and according to the obituary that ran in the New York Times, it was due to cancer. Perusing the obituary, the thing that jumped out at me the most is that Hample collaborated with famed New York director Woody Allen on a […]

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The last words of anime director Satoshi Kon

According to ANN, Japanese anime director Satoshi Kon passed away yesterday at the age of 46 following complications due to pancreatic cancer. Kon was a part of the Madhouse studio and was responsible for directing some of its more psychologically challenging films and series such as Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent. I personally interviewed him […]

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RIP: American Splendor creator Harvey Pekar (1939-2010)

When news broke on Monday that American Splendor creator Harvey Pekar was found dead in his Cleveland Heights, Ohio home, I wrote via Twitter: “I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him in person, but [Pekar] is and will always be an inspiration to struggling creators.” Pekar is best-known for the pioneering comics series American […]

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R.I.P. Rue McClanahan: You Will Rue the Day

When I was fifteen, my mother and I went to Disney World. As a fifteen year-old, I wasn’t really impressed by much (my mother on the other hand was taking pictures of every palm tree she saw in Florida) until the studio tour of M.G.M. took us to the “Golden Girls” house. Seeing the exterior, […]

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Actor/Director Dennis Hopper, 74, Loses Battle With Cancer

Dennis Hopper, who co-wrote, directed and co-starred in Easy Rider (1969), one of the seminal films of the New Hollywood of the 1970s, died at his home today at the age of 74, following a seven-month battle with prostate cancer. According to family friend Alex Hitz, Hopper passed away surrounded by family and friends. In […]

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