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Neil Gaiman, Sandman have “one tale still untold”

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is widely considered one of the best graphic stories ever told. Chronicling the saga of the Endless, it follows Morpheus, the incarnation of Dream, as he returns to his realm after a long absence, and the events that unfold because of that absence. Filling 10 (11, if you count Endless Nights) trades, […]

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Disney to read The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman, as prolific of an author as he is, has had very mixed success at the theater. Coraline did well, an early 3D success, and Stardust found an audience as well. However, original project Mirrormask, while visually arresting, and trapped-in-uncanny-valley Beowulf left a lot to be desired. But now, with the optioning of a […]

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Pulitzers decline to honor Fiction this year

In a surprising decision, for the sixth time ever and the first time since 1977, the Pulitzer Prize committee has declined to award any of the entries in this year’s fiction category. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the other prizes were awarded as usual. Poetry was taken by Tracy Smith’s Life on Mars, History by […]

Author’s Note: Self Publishing and Publishing: pros and cons

Is it that time already? Past that time? …This year is going by way too fast. Anyway! One of the things people frequently ask me are varying questions on publishing versus self publishing. (Often, the question specifically is, “Why don’t you self-publish?”) So, in an attempt to make my own life easier, let’s talk about […]

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Comic Non-Sans: The Column in 2012

I’ve been writing this column for a while now.  It started as a look at individual webcomics and corresponding trends, then personal observations, then peeks at the business side of webcomicking, and now it’s become something of an odd mishmash of all of the above. I’d love for this column to be helpful to our […]

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Comic Non-Sans: MarsCon Wrap-Up

MarsCon is the first convention I ever attended, starting in 2000 when I was a college freshman and didn’t understand the whole “convention” thing.  I guess this makes it my Lucky 13th year attending, for what it’s worth.  It’s stayed pretty much consistently good over the years, which is saying something for a middling-sized “relax-a-con” […]

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Lincoln’s Video of the Day: The Joy of Books

I work in an independent bookstore. I don’t get paid much. It’s not going to be my career. But while it lasts, it has fostered my love of books even more. I think this video expresses this perfectly.

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Comic Non-Sans: Watching your goals

This week’s article is a bit more offside even than usual, which is saying something.  With con prep and the beginning of a new year and a reevaluation of how I spend my time, I’ve realized I need some serious help getting myself in gear. I’m a gamer and very achievement/goal-oriented.  I imagine that, as […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Everyone does New Year’s Resolution articles.

I think at this point it’s become a bit passé to tell everyone about your resolutions, and then to couch it in a blog article to make it sound like stellar advice.  Well, all right.  If Neil Gaiman were to offer his list of resolutions as a writer, or if Jonathan Ross were to offer his […]

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Author’s Note: Breaking Archetypes

Here we are — the last of the archetype series! Are you relieved? I am! Three months on the same topic?! Geez, it’s like writing a book! Anyway, onward and upward! In previous months we’ve talked about how to successfully work with archetypes. Today, I’m going to tell you what not to do. First, we’re […]

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