Final hours for birthday contest!

Hemingway would be very disappointed if you didn't enter this contest

As a reminder, you have just 12 more hours left to enter the first annual birthday contest! The deadline is midnight Eastern time tonight, and once again, here are the entry instructions and rules:

1. Write an original short story of exactly 50 words in length. Yes, “original” means no fan-fiction. You can enter as many times as you like, but each entry should be in a separate email, and only one of your entries can count as a winner.
2. Send the story in the body of an email to, with the words “50 Word Story Contest” in the subject of the email. If you want to give your short story a title, you can also do that in the subject line of the email.
3. Tim Sevenhuysen, co-editor Jill Pullara and myself will be picking three winners, all of whom will receive an eBook bundle containing all of the electronic versions of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One . One Grand Prize Winner will receive the above and a $25 dollar USD gift certificate to the online retailer of your choice.

Once the contest is over, we will be evaluating all the entries and the winner should hopefully be announced by no later than June 7, with the winning entries posted here in the blog.

Good luck, and may the best short, short story writer win!

5 thoughts on “Final hours for birthday contest!”

  1. I can’t write well, but I  just read an interesting article about Hemmingway in a Horizon Magazine from the sixties.

    I never knew that he was a Great War hero (with 30-odd pieces of shrapnel in him, he carried a more-severely wounded soldier back to an aid station. He was also shot twice on the way). He also had massive PTSD and it was years before he could sleep soundly again.

    1. I was, and still am, a big Hemingway fan. The PTSD thing is new info for me, but not that he’d been injured because the experiences he had in the hospital he used in A Farewell to Arms.

  2. “…the winner should hopefully be announced by no later than June 7…”

    tick… tick… tick…

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