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Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair finally making its way to US Audiences

Well, it’s about time. Quentin Tarantino has been teasing us with this one for years. But the folks over at AICN, while looking at the schedule for Tarantino’s grindhouse takeover of the New Beverly Cinema, discovered something decidedly awesome. Tarantino is finally premiering the extended, complete, heart-bursting, eyeball-ripping Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. The […]

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I Am Number Four director D.J. Caruso signs on to Preacher

After years in development hell, it looks like we may be finally going to Texas with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. According to THR’s Heat Vision Blog, I Am Number Four director D.J. Caruso has officially signed on to direct Preacher. The film follows the story of the Garth Ennis comic book series about a priest, Jesse Custer, on […]

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R.I.P. Nicholas Courtney

It breaks my heart as a “Doctor Who” fan to report that Nicholas Courtney, known for the last 43 years as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, has passed away today at the age of 81.  Courtney was a mainstay of the series in its classic run and Big Finish’s audio adventures, and reprised the role of […]

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The Oscars refuse to have fun: Banksy Edition

Graffiti artist Banksy is well known to be a political, anti-consumerist provocateur. He’s taken the piss out of everything from Disney to Paris Hilton. However, though he may be nominated for an Oscar for his brilliant Exit through the Gift Shop, it looks like the Oscars are refusing to take part in the fun. Over at […]

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Daniel Radcliffe joins comedy The Amateur Photographer

The Harry Potter cast aren’t resting on their laurels. Variety reports that Daniel Radcliffe has signed on to star in indie comedy The Amateur Photographer. The film will be written and directed by Christopher Monger (Temple Grandin), who also wrote the novel it’s based on. The film, set in the 1970s, follows a young man […]

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The King’s Speech ends BAFTA awards a big winner

While the Grammys were held last night, the BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) were as well, and The King’s Speech walked away with a large number of awards, including “Best Picture”, “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best Leading Actor” (Colin Firth), “Best Supporting Actress” (Helena Bonham Carter) and “Best Supporting Actor” (Geoffrey Rush). The […]

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John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County in the World continues to add new cast

For anyone who has seen one of John Hillcoat’s brilliant films (The Road, The Proposition) the news that he’s making a Prohibition era gangster flick is welcome news. Now, The Hollywood Reporter says that new picture, The Wettest County in the World, continues to add talent at a steady rate. Already starring Shia LaBeouf and […]

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Last Night gets US Distribution

In a press release, Miramax and Tribeca films have announced that they’re teaming up on the US release of Last Night starring Sam Worthington, Keira Knightley, Eva Mendes and Guillaume Canet (The Beach, Tell No One.) The film tells the story of a married couple (Knightley and Worthington) who face temptation in the form of […]

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Henry Cavill to play The Man of Steel

We have our Superman. According to a press release from WB posted at Coming Soon, Henry Cavill, a relative unknown, will be donning the cape and tights for the Zack Snyder-directed/Christopher Nolan-produced Man of Steel. From Snyder: In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I […]

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Quick Cuts: The Hunger Games gets a release date, Javier Bardem may be Roland in The Dark Tower and other stories

Get ready for the next big thing. Lionsgate has announced that the first film based on Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy will hit theaters on March 23, 2012. The young adult novels are the latest crossover craze, in the vein of Harry Potter or Twilight, and tell a story of gladiatorial games in a […]