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Road to the Hugo Awards: Selected Fancasts, part 1

Finding the time to listen to hour-long episodes of podcasts which are eligible for the 2016 Hugo Awards wasn’t easy for me, but that’s what today’s article is about. The eligibility requirements state that the podcast must be a “non-professional” production—that is, no other company paid the podcaster(s) to make it—and at least one episode […]

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Trisha’s Take: How to depict female characters in webcomics

At this most recent CONvergence Con (a sci-fi/fantasy-based convention in Minneapolis, Minn.), I was one of the panelists on two different panels that sought to speak about where and how women can exist in formerly male-dominated genres and spaces. In The Smurfette Principle in Marketing panel, we tackled the idea that there isn’t often a […]

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Trisha’s Take: How to properly issue and respond to a DMCA takedown notice (SFWA edition)

When I checked my email Monday morning, I was expecting to see the usual: job search referrals, ThinkGeek newsletters, Facebook notifications, maybe a notice from my local library telling me that my copy of Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance was ready for pick-up. I did not expect to see a notice from claiming that I had […]

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Trisha’s Take: Four ways I would fix the second season of “Heroes of Cosplay”

See that picture up there? The girl in the purple cheongsam wielding the double-bladed lightsaber? That’s me as Darth Shampoo—an irreverent take on a character from the Ranma 1/2 franchise—the first cosplay costume I would ever do. That picture was taken during the second Anime Expo I ever attended back in 2000; since then, while […]

Trisha’s Take: How Jean Rabe screwed the pooch for the SFWA Bulletin and how the SFWA can make things better going forward

[Editor’s Note: This article has been partially revised from its original form at the request of the SFWA to remove material which may have infringed on a copyright.] ETA: For some links and commentary on this issue, check out this list which Jim Hines compiled. Considering that I’m not a member of the SFWA (Science […]

Trisha’s Take: The “Big Bang” problem

The beginning of this blog post and this review has been very difficult for me to write, so I’m just going to come out and say it: I think that Wil Wheaton is wrong about “The Big Bang Theory,” aka TBBT. As people who admire Wil Wheaton’s work know, he’s had several very fun guest […]

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Our thoughts go out to the victims of the Aurora tragedy and their families

We here at Geeking Out About would like to express our deepest condolences and best wishes for all of the victims and their families in last nights tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.

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Geekly Speaking About… “Top Gear USA” Episode 3

Thanks to a recent bout of insomnia, I finally finished leveling out and editing the second of the two audio podcasts that Kara Dennison and I recorded while we reviewed the first three episodes of “Top Gear USA.” The reason why I had to do a lot of editing work on this one is that […]

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Trisha’s Take: Five real-life stories that would make great original movies

One of the things I’ve noticed while covering movie news for this site is that there are an awful lot of remakes and adaptations of existing movies, plays, and TV series that are being put into production, and it seems like it’s happening more and more often. In fact, it’s happening so often that I […]

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The MM/TF Top 10 (and Then Some): Sci-Fi Movies

Gordon: With Moon about to rise in theaters, some of us at Movie Make-out and The Triple Feature got to talking about our favorite science fiction movies, and it turned into this purely subjective monstrosity. This top ten list is a combination of individual top 10s from myself, Trisha Lynn, and my two Triple Feature […]

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