Trisha’s Quote of the Day: Reaping the consequences of being a dick

Wil Wheaton gives advice on what you should do when someone you know and like is being a dick.

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Wil Wheaton: 1, Stinking Paparazzi: 0, Internet: A HOJILLION

ETA: More pics added below mine! After a busy year which involved Debbie Gibson serenading him on his 40th birthday, playing board games with Colin Ferguson and chatting about aliens with Noah Wyle, raising over $10,000 to aid homeless doggies and kitties in need, re-launching his blog on his own website, and being able to […]

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Author’s Note: When Fandom and the Real World Collide

If you’re involved in the fanfic community at all, you may have heard about the recent published-author-vs-fan-author kerfuffle. If you haven’t, here’s a recap: Diana Gabaldon, best selling author of the Outlander series, put up a blog post in which she equated fanfic writers with creepy sexual stalkers and robbers. That post has since been […]

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Strippable Cover: Mark Twain’s own words, World-wide book groups, and John Scalzi has gone officially bugnuts

So here we are, starting a new book feature here at GOA, henceforth to be known as Strippable Cover. For those of you unaware, a strippable book are those mass-markets you buy in the airport bathroom’s newstand that have the ‘If you purchased this book without a cover…’ warnings in the beginning. That’s enough exposition. […]

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Trisha’s Quote of the Day: Why some women shouldn’t fly spaceships

Wheaton: This is the first time I’ve ever been on the stage with a fellow Starship driver. I have never shared the stage with someone who has also driven a Starship. Burton: And how does it feel? Wheaton: It feels pretty good. It feels like we could talk in a shorthand that no one would […]

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