Trisha’s Video of the Day: GODDAMNIT, Neil Patrick Harris!

Why the fuck can’t the people who put on the Oscars have this much fun with opening numbers? Also. while not as epic as his closing rap number from 2011 (check out how it was written!), his closing number with singer/actress Audra McDonald as also quite sweet.

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Vincent D’Onofrio’s directorial debut to be picked up for distribution?

In addition to being able to hear “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” actor Vincent D’Onofrio speak about his experiences directing his first movie, a slasher/musical called Don’t Go Into the Woods, the audience members at the Center for Communication screening and Q&A of the film heard from D’Onofrio himself that he had a meeting with […]

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East Lansing’s Geeked Out Weekend

This weekend was a strange one. I still live in the same town where I attended university. Michigan State is a fairly well-known school and because of this we have a lot of events that happen here. Broadway shows, famous scientists, well-known authors….not always a huge surprise. This weekend, on the other hand, had two […]

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Jill’s Video of the Day: The Doctor and I

It is no surprise to anyone that I often end up in odd kinds of youtube loops: Cake Decorating, Rats Swimming, etc… well, today I found myself at first in a Sweeney Todd loop, which led to a Sondheim loop, which led to a John Barrowman loop which led me to this: It’s like all […]

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Jill’s Video of the Day: Newsies dance to Bad Romance?

If you know me, you know I have an obsession for musicals, and a strange fascination with Lady Gaga. Someone has tapped into my brain and created this: Newsies dance to Bad Romance Yes, I did just watch that about 20 times.

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