Trisha’s Video of the Day: GODDAMNIT, Neil Patrick Harris!

Why the fuck can’t the people who put on the Oscars have this much fun with opening numbers?

Also. while not as epic as his closing rap number from 2011 (check out how it was written!), his closing number with singer/actress Audra McDonald as also quite sweet.

Live-blogging the Oscars 2011

It’s time for the 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony, and this year, we’re trying out a new plug-in which allegedly will make this whole process easy as pie. Co-hosting this live-blog will be our movie reviewer Lyssa, and you can holler at us here in the comments on on Twitter (I’m at @trishalynn, and Lyssa is at @CinemaGoddess).

All times are Eastern ’cause we’re in New York City, and I sincerely hope that James Franco and Anne Hathaway really bring the funny this year. Continue reading “Live-blogging the Oscars 2011”