Comic Non-Sans: “Odyssey into 2012”

About twelve years ago, when I was learning about this webcomic jazz but had no desire to do anything about it long-term, I stumbled upon a website containing a collection of what I’ve seen referred to recently as “impromanga” — a comic with a different writer/artist taking a few pages at a time, with no […]

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Blightyvision: “Penn and Teller: Fool Us”

Starring and judged by Penn Jillette and Teller Hosted by Jonathan Ross Produced by Andrew Golder, Peter Davey, and Peter Golden I recently had a good-natured (at least I hope it was good-natured) argument with a British friend of mine over who had made the most detrimental contribution to television.  We finally agreed that the […]

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Twilight: The 10 Trivia Questions

As promised in the rules to our very first contest here at Geeking Out, here are the 10 trivia questions that you must answer in as humorous a fashion as possible before July 9 for your entry to be considered for one of three fabulous prizes:

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Fun and fabulous prizes in store at the end of June

In the interest of being responsible reviewers, there are some times in which we here at Geeking Out will read, watch, or experience something that’s outside of our comfort zone in order to provide the most coverage. For example, in preparation for her “First Night Flicks” review of Twilight: Eclipse, lead movie reviewer Lyssa […]

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