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Setting on the Road to the 2016 Hugo Awards

As with almost everything genre-related in my life, the reason I became interested this year in reading as many Hugo Award-eligible works as I can before March 28 this year is all thanks to my former college professor Dr. Atara Stein (may you rest in peace). As a young undergrad at Cal State Fullerton, I […]

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Two Books Enter: Lord of Scoundrels versus Your Scandalous Ways

One of my favorite blogs to dip into from time to time is Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Originated by writers Candy Tan and Sarah Wendell, the blog seeks to showcase what’s good, fun, informative, sexy, and surprisingly intelligent about the romance novel industry through their irreverent and occasionally deep book reviews. Growing up, I loved […]

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Tolkien Week Trailer Watch: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This week is a long expected party celebrating 75 years since the publication of The Hobbit. As I work at a bookstore, I’ve been privy to a bevy of delightful new editions, including a hardcover pocket edition featuring Tolkien’s original cover, a book including and about all of the illustrations he did for the book, […]

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Disney to read The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman, as prolific of an author as he is, has had very mixed success at the theater. Coraline did well, an early 3D success, and Stardust found an audience as well. However, original project Mirrormask, while visually arresting, and trapped-in-uncanny-valley Beowulf left a lot to be desired. But now, with the optioning of a […]

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Pulitzers decline to honor Fiction this year

In a surprising decision, for the sixth time ever and the first time since 1977, the Pulitzer Prize committee has declined to award any of the entries in this year’s fiction category. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the other prizes were awarded as usual. Poetry was taken by Tracy Smith’s Life on Mars, History by […]

Author’s Note: Self Publishing and Publishing: pros and cons

Is it that time already? Past that time? …This year is going by way too fast. Anyway! One of the things people frequently ask me are varying questions on publishing versus self publishing. (Often, the question specifically is, “Why don’t you self-publish?”) So, in an attempt to make my own life easier, let’s talk about […]

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Lincoln’s Video of the Day: The Joy of Books

I work in an independent bookstore. I don’t get paid much. It’s not going to be my career. But while it lasts, it has fostered my love of books even more. I think this video expresses this perfectly.

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Tom Hanks is In the Garden of Beasts

Tom Hanks is always worth watching. An excellent actor, he can shine in even the most banal material. However, his new film shouldn’t have any issues of that sort. THR reports that Hanks, through his company Playtone, along with Universal, have optioned In the Garden of Beasts by bestselling author Erik Larson to be developed […]

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Author’s Note: 3D characters, or, how to combine archetypes

Last time I talked about some basic archetypes (I cannot stress enough how many of them there are; the more you know, the better!) and said we’d build on it this month. Well, we are! Woo hoo! Let’s talk about combining archetypes and adding traits. No one is just one archetype. When you see a […]

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Lincoln’s Link of the Day: New Book, Science Ink, shows off the nerdiest tattoos you’ve ever seen

I’ve become a tattoo snob. When I got my first piece last year, a half-sleeve based on John Tenniel’s original Alice illustrations, I immediately started judging those around me. It wasn’t a conscious choice, but suddenly I was noticing bad linework and faded color where before I would have just seen a tattoo. I came […]

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