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Moments in Magic: How I Finally Learned How to Play Momir Basic

Since this past August, I’ve been playing Magic: the Gathering Arena in their closed beta both on my own and streaming on my Twitch channel at geekingoutabout. I’m not that great of a player, so when I finally won my first game of Momir Basic, I thought it was good enough to create a video about […]

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Trisha’s Take: Unavowed

  Unavowed Created, Designed, and Published by Wadjet Eye Games Written by Dave Gilbert Starring (from left to right): Logan Cunningham, Sandra Espinoza, Frank Todaro, Arielle Siegel, SungWon Cho (not pictured), and more Art by Ben Chandler and Ivan Ulyanov Music by Thomas Regin Rating: Mature adolescents and above (adult language, gun violence, supernatural elements) […]

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Geekly Speaking About… Dave Gilbert and Unavowed

About four years ago, I worked as an administrative assistant for an indie video game publisher named Games Omniverse. Part of my job was to not only update all of the game design documents on the company’s internal wiki, but to write some articles for the company blog about games, specifically adventure games. Writing those […]

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Trisha’s Take: The Loading Ready Run Pre-Pre-Releases

I’ve been watching the Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Pre-Release replay first on Twitch and later on YouTube over and over and I think that this is the best kind of marketing event for Magic: the Gathering that Wizards of the Coast ever fell backwards into. Why? 1. The people at Loading Ready Run who are hosting […]

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You Had to Be There: Gran Prix Minneapolis 2016 Day Two

It’s been said that being at a Magic the Gathering Grand Prix is very much like attending an anime or comic book convention, and I find that Day Two of this event is not different. After having sold some of my extra cards for $15 and signing up for another “small” draft, walking around the […]

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You Had to Be There: Grand Prix Minneapolis 2016 Day One

Shortly after sitting down outside the convention center to set up this blog entry, I turned around to see a friend whom I had first met at my very first Friday Night Magic event way back during the end of the Return to Ravnica block. He gave me a huge hug, and then proceeded to […]

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David Dreger/Knuckles Dawson

About a month ago, some of you may have noticed that I made a post asking you to spread the word that David Dreger (also known to some as KnucklesDawson) had gone missing. I wish I had better news for anyone who has followed this, but last night his sister updated the community: We are […]

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Save the Dates: June 21-24 2013: ConTessa

Hey all, Jill here. And this is awesome: ConTessa is an fully online, fully free, gaming convention. Another neat aspect: It is run entirely by women; the panels and games and events are all hosted by people who self-identify as ‘she’.

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Dear GoA friends, fans, family, community:   I didn’t know this guy personally, but I remember way back in the day before Achievement Hunter was a thing, the backlash he would get for posting the achievement guides because the RoosterTeeth community had no idea who he was, or why he got to be on the main page and […]

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Why Kickstarter Rocks!

Kickstarter is a way to get projects funded, any project at all. All you have to do is set a goal say $5,000…$10,000…$50,000…$1,000,000…etc. (you get the picture) and anyone on the interwebs can fund your project. However, if your goal isn’t met, then you have to start all over. But, that also means no one […]

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