Trisha’s Music Video of the Day: “Might Get Up Slow”

In the same vein as Punks Not Dad, I present to you No Small Children, composed of three schoolteachers from Los Angeles, California named Lisa Parade (lead singer, lead guitar), Nicola B. (drums), and Joanie Pimentel (bass). I totally love their look and sound, and I wish that I had the confidence that they seem to exude from their pores and hair follicles.

Trisha’s Music Video of the Day: “Gangnam Style” by PSY

Yes, I know I’m a little late to this, but my recreational browsing has taken some hits recently and I haven’t been able to goof off on the Internet as much as I’d like to. I did finally get a chance to see one of the latest viral music videos to sweep my Facebook page; now, I’m wondering why the hell it took me so long:

In addition to containing the kind of infectious booty-shaking bass beat that I’ve craved since Justin Timberlake brought “Sexyback,” the number one reason why I love this music video is the pure combined sense of machismo, dance-like-no-one’s-watching, and “This is why I’m legendary,” all in one package. Korean rapper Park Jae Sung exudes a joie de vivre in this video that I haven’t see in a long while. At the same time, it helps to promote the idea that you don’t have to be super fit or a dancer all your life in order to move your body well on a dance floor—something that might be soothing or helpful to those of you out there who are afraid of looking like an idiot when you’re dancing.

In short, I wish that more people would just get up and dance and have fun like this, and I hope to be able to add more tracks from PSY to my iPod.

Trisha’s (Long) Video of the Day: “Runaway” by Kanye West (NSFW, lyrics)

I am not an ardent fan of hip hop by any stretch of the imagination, but I do appreciate it when something a hip hop artist does is neat, cool, or utterly mad.

I’d say that this maxi-music video from Kanye West, featuring “Runaway” and other tracks from his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy qualifies as being utterly, utterly mad.

The short film/long music video debuted on October 23 in a massive publicity campaign which spanned MTV, MTV2 and BET; luckily, it has also been uploaded to the Internets in a commercial-free version: Continue reading “Trisha’s (Long) Video of the Day: “Runaway” by Kanye West (NSFW, lyrics)”

Trisha’s Quote of the Day: When Webber pulled a Lucas

Let me also point out that the Phantom sounds like a petulant child. Let’s compare some of his lines from the original: “Floating, falling, sweet intoxication/Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation.” Yeah, it’s a bit Chester the Molester, but at least he’s trying to be sexy. (And he could be pretty funny, too, especially at the expense of the managers and Piangi.) His new verbal pyrotechnics? “I don’t see the problem/This is ancient history!” I mean, I can hear a cheating husband say that on Springer any day of the week, though possibly not in song.

–LiveJournal user brouhaha, illustrating precisely why Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber never should have created Love Never Dies

(And now, I wonder if she’ll take requests to recap Jerry Springer: The Opera.)

Trisha’s Video of the Day: “Africa” by Toto with rain sound effects

Considering what happened last Friday on Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques, I thought this a rather appropriate video to view heading into this week’s strips:

Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian jazz choir which was founded in 1983. You can download some of their music at their site, and I strongly urge you to check out their online store as well.

Trisha’s Take: Open on Sunday review

Open on Sunday

Performed by Paula Carino (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ross Bonadonna (lead guitar, backing vocals), Andy Mattina (bass), Tom Pope (drums)

I’ve spoken at length about how I don’t have the most expansive of musical educations. Sure, I can natter on at length about early female classical composers, but that’s mostly a product of a 300-level Music course I took over decade ago because it satisfied a prerequisite and a university honors slot at the same time.

However, ever since I learned that I inherited my ability to carry a note from my mom and my ability to feel a rhythm from my dad, I’ve loved listening to music and finding those songs which I could sing and dance along with.

And I have the Internet to thank for my most recent find. Continue reading “Trisha’s Take: Open on Sunday review”