Trisha’s Quote of the Day: On the different flavors of geek

I enjoy doing outdoorsy-type activities in addition to playing games, and I have a big, yellow off-road vehicle that I like to drive into the mountains when I go camping and hiking, etc. I was recently looking for tires for this vehicle and so spent some time on web forums for off-roading geeks. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that, among off-road geeks, tire brands are debated with the same ferocity as game geeks argue their positions in the console wars.

The Escapist Magazine‘s editor-in-chief Russ Pitts has an awesome answer to a run-of-the-mill question.

(BTW, congrats on the five-year anniversary!)

2 thoughts on “Trisha’s Quote of the Day: On the different flavors of geek”

  1. Geekery knows no bounds. I'm reminded of my aunt, who's a ceramic artist and was a little surprised when I observed that the art shows she attends are similar to anime and sci-fi cons by way of personalities and social interaction (both positive and negative). Any particularly passionate following of something attracts certain personalities. Course, I use that to remind myself on occasion that it isn't just The Fandom that can act so batcrack insane.

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