How to win the “hearts and minds” of dickwolf-loving folks

That was absolutely beautiful, and actually changed my mind about the Dickwolf shirts. Internet confession: I was the one who yelled “bring them back”. I didn’t do it because I hate feminists. I didn’t do it because I hate women. I did it because I felt like those shirts were a justified “fuck you” to […]

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Trisha’s Take: The next step in fixing the “Mike Krahulik Problem” at Penny Arcade

My reaction when I feel backed into corner is to be an asshole. It’s essentially how I defend myself. It’s been that way since was in elementary school. I’m 36 now. Maybe it’s finally time to try and let some of that shit go. —Mike Krahulik, explaining how he reacts to criticism on Twitter. When […]

Trisha’s Quote of the Day: How to apologize on the Internet, part 2

By our organization’s current bylaws, the president of SFWA has unilateral control of, and therefore is ultimately responsible for, the organization’s publications. This includes the Bulletin. This means that when all is said and done, I personally am responsible for the Bulletin and what is published between its covers. I have said this before but […]

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Trisha’s Take: How Jean Rabe screwed the pooch for the SFWA Bulletin and how the SFWA can make things better going forward

[Editor’s Note: This article has been partially revised from its original form at the request of the SFWA to remove material which may have infringed on a copyright.] ETA: For some links and commentary on this issue, check out this list which Jim Hines compiled. Considering that I’m not a member of the SFWA (Science […]

Trisha’s Take: How to apologize on the Internet

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written in this blog, and quite a lot has happened since the last time I was able to work on it. A few more responsibilities were added to my day job and while having the increased responsibility is awesome because it means my new employers trust me, […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Why I Hate the Fanart Debate

I’m heading off to Katsucon this weekend, as are many other arty types, in hopes of selling Stuff, Stuff, and Other Stuff.  And, you know, seeing people and enjoying myself, because once in a while that’s still what conventions are about.  Except for the bits where fights break out and people get angry and things […]

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Trisha’s Quote of the Day: On the different flavors of geek

I enjoy doing outdoorsy-type activities in addition to playing games, and I have a big, yellow off-road vehicle that I like to drive into the mountains when I go camping and hiking, etc. I was recently looking for tires for this vehicle and so spent some time on web forums for off-roading geeks. Imagine my […]

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Link of the day: Why do Internet people think content people are stupid?

Such was the question that HDNet chairman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban asked recently on his blog. The gist of Cuban’s argument is as thus: Now I dont know about you, but for HDNet and my other content companies, we tend to be very nice to those of our customers who pay us every […]

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