Walt Disney to produce a live-action movie about gargoyles

The latest news out of the House of Mouse has me pretty bewildered. According to Marc Graser at Variety, the next live-action film in the Walt Disney Studios pipeline will be something about gargoyles, with Zoe Green in final negotiations to write it and Lauren Shuler Donner producing. I can hear many of you thinking, […]

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Johnny Depp to become next Doctor?

Not exactly. On one side, you have Chris Greenland, a blogger from science fiction publishing house Tor.com who said last week that Johnny Depp will be the star of a movie adaptation of the quintessentially British TV series. After citing a deleted article from content mill PubArticles.com which said that the reason that new series […]

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LEGO movie builds up steam with announcement of directors

After two years of blogging about upcoming movies, I thought that I’d seen all of the most ludicrous things you could adapt into a movie actually get the green light and funding to become a movie. Yes, even the upcoming Candyland and Battleship films. Until this exclusive from Borys Kit over at The Hollywood Reporter‘s […]

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