Trisha’s Quote of the Day: Of magical ponies and the women who love them

Rainbow Dash and Rarity could not be more different, and yet they are both girls. Rainbow Dash is not presented as wrong for being athletic and having no interest in fashion, nor is Rarity presented as wrong for being more stereotypically girly and interested in cats, clothes, and jewelry. This was a revelation to me, […]

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Anime convention to send condolences to surviving members of Satoshi Kon’s family

One of the things I love about the Otakon anime convention is that the people who run it not only have a great love of the medium, they care about people in the industry as well. After director Satoshi Kon’s passing two months ago, the members of the non-profit responsible for running the Baltimore, Md. […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Where’s My Fandom?

My grandfather has this book of jokes and one-liners for emcees, and said book made entertaining reading when I was a tiny Kara (despite me not getting a few of the jokes).  One silly story I remember rather vividly was about a six-year-old boy who had never spoken a word in his life.  His parents […]

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Comic Non-Sans: “Something*Positive” and Artists vs. Fans

Or: “We don’t pay you, so you owe us.” Proximity breeds entitlement.  It’s just true.  As great as it is having The Twitters available to us, it can encourage a very negative fan behavior.  Once you have a creator or celebrity’s ear, it becomes very easy to expect them to listen to you unconditionally — […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Intervention

The sort you wouldn’t mind your friends staging for you. The first usage of the term “webcomic” predates Google by three years, Wikipedia by six years, and YouTube by ten.  Over the last fifteen years, it’s gone from novelty to Internet subculture, launching small businesses, charities, and TV series.  A webcomic even made Time magazine’s […]

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Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010 in(verted) review

“Look over there, there’s a bunch of those weird cartoon people across the street.” I’d be lying if I said I could deliver a perfectly objective review of Anime Mid-Atlantic from a managerial standpoint.  For the last several years, AMA has been one of my “working cons” — I run karaoke and occasionally end up […]

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Comic Non-Sans: “The Ten Doctors”

Talking of stigma, as we were last week, there’s long been an issue with the concept of fan comics.  Not in Japan, mind; go on eBay and see what exists by way of doujinshi.  (Actually, don’t.)  While they have a reputation — which you’ll have learned if you actually looked some up — they are […]

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