Blightyvision: “Japanorama”

Created by Hotsauce TV Hosted by Jonathan Ross I’ve rarely had to justify my Anglophilia to anyone, probably for good reason.  It’s hard to question the general output of the country that gave us Shakespeare, Stephen Fry, and Jaffa cakes.  It is, however, difficult for me to explain to my family my affection for Japan […]

Kara’s Video of the Day: Hurricane!

The coasts of Virginia and North Carolina are prepping for a beating from Hurricane Earl.  It’s looking as though my area is in the “medium” threat range, with areas just north and south in “high” threat and Cape Hatteras somewhere approaching “Biblical.” Right now people are buying batteries and nonperishables, making plans to be without […]

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The last words of anime director Satoshi Kon

According to ANN, Japanese anime director Satoshi Kon passed away yesterday at the age of 46 following complications due to pancreatic cancer. Kon was a part of the Madhouse studio and was responsible for directing some of its more psychologically challenging films and series such as Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent. I personally interviewed him […]

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Keeping Tabs: Avatar sequel unlikely to win animation Oscars, and other stories

Ever since Spirited Away was the second movie to win the Best Animated Feature award and the first anime (and non-English language) movie to win, anime and animation geeks have been keeping a close eye on this Academy Awards category. The newest change in the rules of the category, amongst other rules changes, were announced, […]

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Trisha’s (old) Quote of the Day: Brit journalist takes up anime cause

If I had a small daughter, I would try to wean her away from Edward Cullen and Miley Cyrus and towards such anime series as the thrilling steampunk saga Nadia: Secret of Blue Water — inspired by Jules Verne, conceived by Miyazaki and featuring a 14-year-old lion tamer/acrobat in 1889 Paris. And I would teach […]

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Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010 in(verted) review

“Look over there, there’s a bunch of those weird cartoon people across the street.” I’d be lying if I said I could deliver a perfectly objective review of Anime Mid-Atlantic from a managerial standpoint.  For the last several years, AMA has been one of my “working cons” — I run karaoke and occasionally end up […]

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