Trisha’s (old) Quote of the Day: Brit journalist takes up anime cause

If I had a small daughter, I would try to wean her away from Edward Cullen and Miley Cyrus and towards such anime series as the thrilling steampunk saga Nadia: Secret of Blue Water — inspired by Jules Verne, conceived by Miyazaki and featuring a 14-year-old lion tamer/acrobat in 1889 Paris. And I would teach her to read subtitles, so she wouldn’t have to settle for naff dubbed versions. You want strong female role models? Anime’s got them in spades.
The Guardian film critic Anne Billson (@annebillson), finally discovers something anime geeks have known for ages.

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  1. Oh, too right. Some friends of mine decided after watching Sailormoon (both anime and live), among a few others, that they wanted to raise their now-four-year-old on something a bit more substantial than the majority of kid-entertainment.

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