Trisha’s Short Film of the Day: “Idiot with a Tripod”

Normally, I’d be posting this from either Manhattan or Brooklyn in New York City. However, thanks to this year’s December Snowpocalypse (or my other favorite, Snowmygod), I’m typing from my parent’s kitchen table where I will be mostly stationed for the next two days until my re-booked flight takes off on Thursday morning.

Call me crazy, but despite the awesomeness of being with my family, I really wish I were back on the East Coast experiencing the blizzard and its aftermath with the rest of my co-residents. Luckily, at least one New Yorker was inspired to make art from the storm:

According to movie critic Roger Ebert, filmmaker Jamie Stuart shot, edited, compiled, and uploaded the film in less than 48 hours and is an homage to a 1929 classic silent film called “Man With a Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov (which you can view at Ebert’s site).

Whenever I see shorts like these, disseminated and distributed for everyone to see, I can’t help but think that we live in an awesome and amazing time for people who want to be creative because the tools and equipment is no longer such a daunting barrier to entry.