Trisha’s Video of the Day: The Swingin’ Spider-Man

While I am not a total dance geek or nerd, I loved watching the ballroom dance competitions on my local PBS affiliate as a kid; Strictly Ballroom is one of my favorite movies as a result of this childhood fascination as well.

The best part of watching the ballroom dance competitions were the exhibition dances where notable pros and amateurs got to “go wild” and show off their more fun routines, flips, spins, and aerial lifts. And just like in competitive ice skating, if there are costumes, it’s even better.

Well, I believe I’ve found one video that not only exemplifies the fun of watching ballroom dance, but also adds in an additional geeky flair, courtesy of dancers Orion Hall and Colleen Vernon:

2 thoughts on “Trisha’s Video of the Day: The Swingin’ Spider-Man”

  1. Oh hell, I've been looking for that cover since (funnily enough) someone used it at a ballroom dance competition locally. Their number was not nearly this badass, but I remembered the music all too well.

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