Trailer Watch: “Illegal” Machete first trailer

Boosted from the fine folks at Ain’t It Cool comes what Machete director Robert Rodriguez is calling his “illegal” trailer, and is the first official look at the plot to the film.

I love, love, love the casting of this movie because in addition to Danny Trejo being just badass in general, Michelle Rodriguez gets to kick ass with dual pistols, Jessica Alba gets to be Hispanic, Cheech Marin dual wields shotguns in a priest’s frock, and then you’ve got the “evil” white guys played by none other than Robert DeNiro, Jeff Fahey, and Lindsay Lohan

God, if loving “Mexsploitation” is bad, then tie me up and call me a piñata!

4 thoughts on “Trailer Watch: “Illegal” Machete first trailer”

  1. This looks awesome. I have hopes, even though I lost a lot of faith in RR after Planet Terror.

    However, I do hope it's not a 3-hour movie. The “retro-splitation” look with uninspired camera work and intentionally(?) wooden acting will wear thin for me after about 90 minutes. Any longer and it could go right through homage and come out the backside to be cheesy bad again.

  2. I heard Lindsay Lohan is playing Linda Lovelace… shouldn't be much of a stretch for her.

  3. I have a feeling it's going to be less “mock” than Grindhouse and more just straight-up action. This feeling is based only on the fact that he's kinda already made this movie with El Mariachi.

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