Road to the Hugo Awards: Selected Fancasts, part 2 – The “Professionals”

Continuing to go through the Best Fancast Hugo Award eligibility list on this Google Spreadsheet, there’s something I noticed which I thought was interesting: For a category called “Best Fancast,” there are an awful lot of “professionals” on it. This is not to say that someone who gets paid to write and/or edit and/or create […]

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Blightyvision: Doctor Who — “Genesis of the Daleks”

Created by Sydney Newman Written by Terry Nation Starring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, and Ian Marter Guest Starring Michael Wisher and some Daleks When I became a hardcore Whovian in college (you know, back in the days when “New Who” meant “Fox movie”?), I never thought I’d utter the word “subtlety” in reference to Tom […]