Razzie Awards announce their 2011 nominees

So the 2010 Razzie nominees are up, and while Michael Bay somehow missed out on making the list (mostly because he didn’t direct a film this year), there are plenty of sequels and nominees on the list. While this writer hasn’t seen too many of them, the addition of a new ‘Worst use of eye-gouging […]

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Musical Taste: Daft Punk, Kid Cudi and Tom Waits

Recently, we discussed the upcoming Daft Punk-scored Tron: Legacy. Well, it appears that we’ll have to wait a little longer before we get to hear their dark, dancey tunes. According to Pitchfork, the soundtrack has been pushed back from its original November 22 release date to December 7. However, if you head over to the […]

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Jared Harris to play Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2?

I’m inclined to take this with a grain of salt for a bit, but no one from the Sherlock camp has denied it yet. According to an exclusive at Latino Review, Jared Harris of Mad Men has signed on to play the villainous Professor Moriarty. The actor has snagged a role for which Brad Pitt, […]

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Keeping Tabs: Avatar sequel unlikely to win animation Oscars, and other stories

Ever since Spirited Away was the second movie to win the Best Animated Feature award and the first anime (and non-English language) movie to win, anime and animation geeks have been keeping a close eye on this Academy Awards category. The newest change in the rules of the category, amongst other rules changes, were announced, […]

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Eyes on E3: Nintendo

It has been said around the internet that Nintendo “won” E3, so it seems silly for us at GoA to recap everything already said. However, we did lack in the Nintendo Department regarding e3 this year. Last year Nintendo let us down. Their presentation was lackluster at best, so this year, they needed to prove they […]

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Capcom and Zazzle Tag Team Bank Accounts Everywhere

In what may be my favorite clothing-related news item of the year, Capcom has entered a merchandising partnership with web-store Zazzle. This arrangement has already birthed shirts, mugs, hats, and more, bearing logos and characters from games many thought abandoned by Capcom. Japanese favorite Monster Hunter has the largest section so far, being the only […]

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