Ghost to get remake… in Japan?

Though I am quick to enjoy a good “nerd rage” on the idea of yet another remake or readaptation being announced, I do have to say that the news that there will be a remake of the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore 1990s hit Ghost is making me just a little bit giddy–because it’s going to be […]

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Anna Faris gives new leading man her Number

Once off-track due to a problem in lead actor scheduling, the Anna Faris comedic vehicle What’s Your Number? may be back in the pipeline, thanks to Dave Annable. In a Hollywood Reporter exclusive, Borys Kit noted that the “Brothers and Sisters” star was in negotiations to start opposite Faris as her dream guy. The synopsis […]

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Colin Farrell to join Fright Night in lead vampire role

Well, it looks like Colin Farrell is giving major studio films another try. THR’s Heat Vision blog reports that Farrell has signed on to play a major role in Disney’s remake of 1985 horror-comedy Fright Night. The movie will be following the same basic premise of the original: a new neighbor moves in next door […]

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Sir Anthony Hopkins to play a baddie in Arabian Nights

In an exclusive from Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog, Anthony Hopkins is in final negotiations to play the villain in The Arabian Nights. Hopkins’ role will be that of “Pharotu, an evil sorcerer who killed Sinbad’s love, a mermaid, and is looking to amass more magic for himself.” And since previously […]

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Quick Cuts: 20th Century Fox to make prequel about “damn dirty” Apes, and other stories

Just in case you weren’t convinced that New Zealand’s WETA Digital was the go-to SFX house these days, 20th Century Fox will be using them to produce all of the genetically altered-primates in CGI for their film Rise of the Apes, a prequel to the classic sci-fi movie series which was begun by 1968’s Planet […]

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John McClane to continue to Die Hard

Yippee-ki-yay-nother-sequel. With that bad pun out of the way, The Hollywood Repoter’s Risky Business site reports in an exclusive that we may be seeing John McClane on the big screen again. Skip Woods (Hitman) has reportedly begun negotiations with Fox to write a new Die Hard script. Alex Young (Unstoppable) will produce. As for John […]

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Jim Henson Co. to return to the world of the Gelflings in sequel to Dark Crystal

If you’re a geek of a certain age, then you definitely remember the movie your parents may have taken you to where someone who sounded like Gonzo attacked an elf. (Whoops, spoilers?) That movie was called The Dark Crystal, and as a young girl, I was confused by it because some of the voices I […]

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Summit Entertainment to manage The Impossible with Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor

It seems as if Summit Entertainment has a lot of faith in Naomi Watts these days, for not long after it purchased the rights to one film with with her in it, the studio decided to pick up another. According to Gregg Kilday at The Hollywood Reporter, the latest buy was for a film called […]

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