Trisha’s Take: To buy an iPhone4, or not to buy an iPhone4?

If, like me, you were unfortunate enough to only have to rely on Twitter updates to find out exactly what new doohickies are going to be on the new iPhone rather than being able to stream it live, you can check it all out again courtesy of This Week in Tech’s special coverage of the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (aka WWDC).

After reading’s official summary of the new features, the thing that jumps out at me is the selective multitasking, which pits it directly against the Droid phones and makes me swing back towards staying with AT&T. The video calling feature turns me off because it’s something I don’t think I’d use every day.

Gizmodo’s own rundown of why someone would want to buy one is telling, especially the part where it says that it’s much better at being a phone than previous models of the iPhone were due to its slimmer size, greater battery life, and noise canceling microphone.

I think that the reason someone should buy an iPhone should ultimately come down to how much it’s going to cost you on a monthly basis. Considering that I’m already paying about $110 a month for the most basic calling plan (but I’ve got an obscene amount of rollover minutes), unlimited data, and unlimited text messages–and that’s before my special day job-related discount could kick in–I’m still incredibly on the fence.

Anyone local got an iPhone or a Droid I could play with for a while?