Trisha’s Links of the Day: And this is why the law profession gets a bad rap

Joseph Rakofsky has a problem with the Internet...

Too lengthy for and perhaps too technical for the PhailhaĆ¼s, I bring to you the story of one Joseph Rakofsky, a 33-year old lawyer who made a huge series of mistakes:

1. Having never tried a case in court before, Rakofsky accepted the job of being the primary trial lawyer for one Dontrell Dean, a 21-year old who was accused of murder in 2008.

2. Rakofsky botched up the trial so badly that a mistrial had to be declared.

And here’s where Rakofsky erred the most:

3. Rather than lick his wounds and attempt to become a better trial lawyer, Rakofsky decides to sue the Internet for defamation, specifically the journalists and bloggers who wrote about or referenced to the mistrial.

In the amended 82-page lawsuit (embedded below), Rakofsky and his attorney Richard D. Borzouye, Esq. name such entities as the Washington Post (who first reported on the mistrial), (a prominent law blog), Carolyn Elefant (a small-firm law blogger), and even some email addresses and screen names of people who publicly spoke ill of Rakofsky’s competence to try the case, thus defaming him. Continue reading “Trisha’s Links of the Day: And this is why the law profession gets a bad rap”