Live-blogging the Oscars 2012

It’s that time, again—time to honor the “best” or perhaps the “most well-marketed to Academy voters” movies from the previous year with the 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony. Once again, Lyssa Spero (@CinemaGoddess on Twitter) and I (@trishalynn) will be your hosts for this live blog, with perhaps a few more of the GeekingOutAbout writers will be chiming in.

And now, let’s get on with the show!

04:19 - Trisha Lynn:

Final thoughts: Yeah, there wasn’t a plot. But it didn’t exactly need one. I like the emphasis on more detecting and mystery-solving. It was great to see Madame Vastra and her crew again. The Doctor does need more regular allies again.

04:07 - Trisha Lynn:

Okay, never mind. I think I like this last scene now. Also, with the new Whovian fans, I supposed they needed this kind of anvil-ing. “I don’t think I’m a hugging person now.”

04:06 - Trisha Lynn:

Okay, so this last bit is just Moffat being a dick to his fans? I supposed we need these scene so that the new Whovians can get some closure, but dude… Capaldi’s amazing in this role.

04:00 - Trisha Lynn:

Twitter-fans were complaining because this didn’t have a plot. Well, then again neither did “The Eleventh Hour.”

“Unlike you, I don’t expect to reach the Promised Land.” Ooh.

03:57 - Trisha Lynn:

Ooh, I think that was logic from Thud!. The broom = the Dwarven axe. Hey, if you’re going to steal from someone, it may as well be Pratchett.

03:50 - Trisha Lynn:

“Hang on, she called the police. We should do that more often.” Also, Vastra and Jenny have great entrance timing.

03:43 - Trisha Lynn:

Stream blipped while they captured Clara. Not sure I understand the flashback to her teaching days. Also, isn’t this the snowman dude?

03:34 - Trisha Lynn:

OMG, I just realized they’re doing a take on Sweeney Todd!

03:34 - Trisha Lynn:

“You’ve got to admire their efficiency.” “Is it okay if I don’t?”

03:22 - Trisha Lynn:

“What is so important that I just can’t tell myself what I’m thinking?” “These are attack eyebrows!”

03:13 - Trisha Lynn:

Maybe it’s a little Rex Harrison/Doctor Doolittle, but I think I love the Doctor being able to talk to animals.

03:12 - Trisha Lynn:

“When did you stop wearing your veil?” “When you stopped seeing it.” Ooh…

“Whatever it takes, I will get you home! Whatever it takes, I will get you home again!” Another theme for this series, I think.

03:08 - Trisha Lynn:

“He looked young. Who do you think that was for?” Oh yes…….

03:03 - Trisha Lynn:

Ooh, Clara is getting the “This is how regenerations work” speech! “And as to different… she’s a lizard.” I think I love you, too, Jenny.

02:59 - Trisha Lynn:

“Your grasp of biology troubles me.” I think I adore you, Madame Vastra. Also, how is it that the Victorian police didn’t wig out at her unveiled appearance? Is her hat made of psychic paper?

02:49 - Trisha Lynn:

Hooray, vaulting is over, “Tumble” is over, poor Emma Samms is going home, and now it’s commercials before Doctor Who time!

02:22 - Trisha Lynn:

People diss rhythmic gymnastics all the time, but I’m watching Emma Samms control this ball—oops, one obvious bobble—and I think it’s amazing.

01:59 - Trisha Lynn:

Cor, this wrestling gymnastics routine was pretty good.

01:51 - Trisha Lynn:

I take it back; extensive Googling has revealed that I know Emma Samms, best known (to me) from her role as Holly Sutton on “General Hospital.”

I don’t get these Essex jokes, though. Is that analogous to Manhattan?

01:37 - Trisha Lynn:

And now, I reveal how much I don’t know about current British celebs because I’ve never heard of any of these people on “Tumble.” But hey, this show kinda scratches my old “Circus of the Stars” itch.

01:20 - Trisha Lynn:

A thing I’ve learned so far: Apparently, I know a bit more about British TV in the ’80s and ’90s than I thought having correctly identified the theme to “The Lovejoy Mysteries,” which was a bit of trivia that was part of a quiz show that’s winding up, “Pointless Celebrities.” Up next, a show called “Tumble” which is what happens when you take the “Strictly Come Dancing” format and add gymnastics to it.

11:41 - Lyssa Spero:

Heading to bed. Let’s do this again next year!!

11:39 - Lyssa Spero:

All in all not terrible, but not super exciting. I need to watch more movies this year. I felt like I hadn’t seen anything.

11:39 - Trisha Lynn:

Final thoughts? Not a lot of surprises, but lots of movies for me to put on my watching queue.

11:36 - Lyssa Spero:

This guy looks like Peter Lorre. I keep waiting for him to scream for Rick to help him.

11:36 - Trisha Lynn:

As I said earlier, I’ve only seen three of the nine films nominated. And Best Picture goes to The Artist.

11:31 - Trisha Lynn:

I dare the producers to play off Meryl Streep. I dare you.

11:29 - Trisha Lynn:

I like the looks of Meryl Streep’s husband. And she wins Best Actress for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

11:29 - Lyssa Spero:

Wow! Meryl Streep?!? I thought Viola Davis would win for sure. I guess they figured she was due after 17 noms and only 2 wins.

11:24 - Trisha Lynn:

I would love to be one of the Best Actress nominees this year, mostly because that would mean that Colin Firth gets to say something nice about you, directly to your face.

11:24 - Lyssa Spero:

I love every word that comes out of Colin Firth’s mouth.

11:21 - Lyssa Spero:

Is Jeff Bridges doing Hyundai ads now?

11:20 - Lyssa Spero:

Apparently, there were only two movies in Hollywood last year: Hugo and The Artist

11:19 - Trisha Lynn:

Can we get this guy to host the Oscars?

11:18 - Trisha Lynn:

Hi, Natalie Portman. You look awesome and very cute. I believe that Jean Dujardin’s co-star is translating the speech for him. Best Actor goes to Jean Dujardin, and I believe everyone there is quite happy about that.

11:17 - Lyssa Spero:

Is it weird that, even though I know it most likely won’t happen, I want Gary Oldman to win?

11:14 - Lyssa Spero:

That’s true, but I find the fact that any movie turns out good is a minor miracle, given how many people have to unite for a single vision.

11:13 - Trisha Lynn:

Well, I guess they deserve to be in the Academy Award death montages because they help make movies. But they also make movies be awful when they make bad decisions or restrict artist freedom.

11:11 - Lyssa Spero:

Do the business people behind studios not deserve to be in the death montage? He was not only an executive at Pixar, but he was on the board of Disney at the end.

11:09 - Trisha Lynn:

Two were from Academy Award show producers and one was from Steve Freaking Jobs. Other than co-founding Pixar, how does he get to be in this death montage?

11:09 - Lyssa Spero:

I love James. He just texted me: “Elizabeth Taylor died again???”

11:08 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m not sure, but it seemed like they used fewer sound bites this year than in the past, and not all were from actors. Plus, I loved that after everything he’s ever done. the Peter Falk sound bite was from The Princess Bride.

11:07 - Trisha Lynn:

How do you decide who gets to get a sound bite in the death montage and who doesn’t?

11:06 - Lyssa Spero:

This is one of the more inclusive, and tasteful, In Memoriam segments I’ve seen.

11:03 - Lyssa Spero:

Billy Crystal’s tribute to Gil Cates was nice.

11:03 - Trisha Lynn:

From my Twitter-feed: @patkiernan: Baffled that this #Oscars audio problem has dragged on for two hours now.

Ha! So it’s not just my TV!

11:01 - Trisha Lynn:

Jimmy Kimmel bit lampooning Say Anything? Okay, that was cute.

11:01 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m wondering if they’ll be another Affleck gag on Kimmel’s show this year.

10:58 - Lyssa Spero:

Wow! Oprah really does have everything!

10:56 - Trisha Lynn:

Seriously, when does Meryl Streep not look awesome? Also, props to people wearing glasses on stage.

10:55 - Lyssa Spero:

So, it looks like I have to see The Artist and Hugo.

10:54 - Trisha Lynn:

Love the intro by Michael Douglas. Very classy. Best Director goes to Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist. Very classy speech as well. I think I have to see this now.

10:53 - Lyssa Spero:

Saw Tree of Life on my birthday back in June. Still not sure how I feel about it.

10:50 - Lyssa Spero:

GCB looks just trashy enough to be my new guilty pleasure

10:46 - Lyssa Spero:

These two guys seem so incredibly exited to be at the Oscars and to have won

10:45 - Trisha Lynn:

Makes sense that they put all the short subject awards together like this. Best Animated Short Film goes to “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.”

10:42 - Trisha Lynn:

Scorsese is just tickled that he is part of a drinking game. Best Documentary Short Subject goes to “Saving Face.”

10:42 - Lyssa Spero:

I love that they continued the Martin Scorsese drinking game! :)

10:41 - Lyssa Spero:

I absolutely agree with you, Trisha

10:41 - Trisha Lynn:

I believe I love this woman’s dress. Perhaps her dressmaker should have also done Melissa McCarthy’s dress.

10:40 - Trisha Lynn:

Billy Crystal is now talking about how the orchestra thought his joke was awesome. And I believe we have a first where presenters are making innuendo jokes about penises. Best Short Film goes to “The Shore.”

10:39 - Lyssa Spero:

Why have the whole cast there if only Kristen and May are going to talk?

10:38 - Lyssa Spero:

Love that the Bridesmaids cast is presenting together

10:38 - Lyssa Spero:

Y’all, Zarkana’s amazing. If you get the chance, go!

10:32 - Lyssa Spero:

I love these bits with actors talking about what they love about the movies. And I loved both Sasha Baron Cohen and Adam Sandler’s bits.

10:30 - Trisha Lynn:

Best Original Screenplay goes to Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris, who of course is not present. Still, good show on Mumolo and Wiig.

10:30 - Lyssa Spero:

Love that this went to Woody Allen. I thought it was a fabulous screenplay.  Some of the speeches in that movie are epic

10:28 - Trisha Lynn:

These awesome title cards? It seems like I’ve seen that kind of minimalist movie poster design before. i>The Descendants gets Best Adapted Screenplay. Love how the third guy aped Jolie’s theatrical pose.

10:27 - Lyssa Spero:

I love that they’re all trying to do Angie’s pose. Very funny.

10:25 - Trisha Lynn:

Is Angelina Jolie stoned? Why is she posing like that? Does she have a contractual obligation to show her leg in that dress?

10:25 - Lyssa Spero:

I love Angie’s dress. Very sexy

10:20 - Trisha Lynn:

Very classy speech from Mr. McKenzie. J’approve.

10:19 - Lyssa Spero:

Jason Segel looks like a proud papa bear. Aww…

10:19 - Trisha Lynn:

Best Original Song goes to “Man or Muppet,” and yes, apparently we do live in a world where Bret McKenzie has an Oscar. “Once you get to know [Kermit], he’s just a regular frog.”

10:18 - Trisha Lynn:

I think I really appreciate how first-timers on good movies are being recognized for their work. The Artist wins for Best Original Score. Zack Galfinakis and Will Ferrell just came out doing a bit, and Galfinakis’ joke was one of the biggest laughs of the night.

10:17 - Lyssa Spero:

I think it’s sad that they’re not performing the nominated songs this year. Would have loved to have seen Jason Segel sing Man or Muppet

10:14 - Lyssa Spero:

I don’t have a dog in this hunt, since I thought Michael Giacchino should have been nominated for Super 8. Then again, I always think Michael Giacchino should be nominated

10:14 - Trisha Lynn:

Penelope Cruz and Owen Wilson are presenting the Best Original Score nominees, which are being imagined with clips on a huge book and interspersed with flying music notes. If The Artist doesn’t win, I’ll be damn shocked.

10:12 - Lyssa Spero:

Well, she sang it, but Dolly wrote it in the 70s. In fact I think it might have been in a movie with Dolly long before it was sung by Whitney for a movie. Just saying, I feel the need to recognize Dolly’s participation. People tend to forget her involvement with the song.

10:10 - Trisha Lynn:

I don’t care if it’s an old bit. It was still funny to me.

10:09 - Jillian Pullara:

She was in The Bodyguard and was responsible for one of the most famous songs in modern movie history and pop culture, of course she was going to be included in the Rememberies segment.

10:06 - Lyssa Spero:

Well, she was in a few movies, so she counts.

10:05 - Lyssa Spero:

I also loved his comments about Ewan McGregor. He seems to be highly respected inside the industry.

10:04 - Trisha Lynn:

Looks like they’re going to be able to sneak Whitney Houston into the “Bring our yer dead!” segment.

10:04 - Lyssa Spero:

That was a beautiful thank you to his wife.

10:03 - Trisha Lynn:

“You’re only two years older than I; where have you been all my life?” Plummer forgot to mention Nick Nolte, but I’m sure that wasn’t deliberate. Lovely, lovely speech and this is why I love watching the Oscars.

10:02 - Jillian Pullara:

Oh Captain von Trapp, you’re so dreamy!

10:01 - Trisha Lynn:

Best Supporting Actor goes to Christopher Plummer for Beginners, and why not? First win for him He’s apparently the oldest actor to ever win one.

10:01 - Lyssa Spero:

YES!!! I really loved Beginners, and he was a HUGE reason why.

09:59 - Jillian Pullara:

They’ve been playing people off on the Tony’s for years guys. It’s so they can keep the running time down.

09:59 - Lyssa Spero:

I loved Christopher Plummer in Beginners. I want to see him win.

09:58 - Trisha Lynn:

I’ve read a synopsis for this movie, and looking at the clips which are being shown, I still can’t tell what this movie is about. No, don’t pause in your speech! They will play you off.

09:56 - Lyssa Spero:

I honestly was not expecting this level of Hugo love tonight.

09:56 - Trisha Lynn:

Okay, Emma Stone and Ben Stiller. Very nice to make fun of the two previous years of poor banter/bit choices. Surprised at the large amount of applause for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Best Visual Effects award goes to Hugo.

09:56 - Jillian Pullara:

My issue with HPatDH:2 was how there were scenes made explicitly for 3d. And I didn’t see the movie in 3d so they just stood out as needless to me.

09:54 - Lyssa Spero:

I really want Rise of the Planet of the Apes to win this.

09:51 - Jillian Pullara:

Not saying that Chris Rock isn’t funny. He can be HILARIOUS, but when he comes on stage there’s an expectation for him to make a joke about racism. I’m just really tired of that shtick, because he is more than a one note comedian.

I’m also not saying that what he said isn’t true of course.

09:47 - Lyssa Spero:

This is one of the few categories where I actually cared who won, so I’m thrilled it was Rango

09:47 - Trisha Lynn:

Ugh, I hate how they played off the really enthusiastic and wonderful kids who won the documentary award. Chris Rock’s bit during his hosting segment was pretty awesome. And the Best Animated Feature award goes to Rango. Is that on Netflix?

09:47 - Jillian Pullara:

I actually really liked A Cat in Paris.

09:46 - Jillian Pullara:


09:45 - Lyssa Spero:

I miss Chris Rock’s stand up

09:45 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Animated Feature should go to Rango for sure. It was so amazingly bizarre.

09:45 - Jillian Pullara:

At least at The Tony’s, the winners know that when the music starts it’s time to wrap up.

09:44 - Lyssa Spero:

I guess they didn’t want another Melissa Leo moment this year, huh?

09:43 - Trisha Lynn:

Hi, RDJ. You’re so awesome when you’re being so crazy. But why did I get a Tony Stark/Pepper Potts vibe off of them? Best Documentary Feature goes to Undefeated.

09:43 - Lyssa Spero:

I have seen pitifully few movies this last year. Must do better in 2012

09:42 - Lyssa Spero:

They’re totally playing Tony Stark and Pepper Potts right now.

09:41 - Lyssa Spero:

Oh, that cape was removable. Nice dress.  And I love the chemistry of these two.

09:39 - Lyssa Spero:

I thought that was brilliant and extremely well done. I know some will disagree with me, but I don’t care, I loved it.

09:39 - Trisha Lynn:

Miss Piggy looks great. And as much as I loved this Cirque du Soleil pieces, I can’t help but think that the message was: “Enjoy going to the movies, thanks to this wonderful live-action theater production!”

09:38 - Jillian Pullara:

I just find live theater at The Oscars a very weird thing. Movies aren’t about the live theater experience. To me at least.

09:38 - Lyssa Spero:

Stacey Keibler looks so bored, and Clooney looks fascinated

09:36 - Jillian Pullara:

….Guys, why am I watching Cirque du Soleil? Did this suddenly become The Tony’s?

09:35 - Jillian Pullara:


09:34 - Lyssa Spero:

I love the Muppets. So very happy to see them.

09:29 - Lyssa Spero:

I need to see Hugo if it’s the technical achievement everyone says it is. Thank goodness we learned I can tolerate the new 3D

09:28 - Trisha Lynn:

The Best Film Editing award goes to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and apparently they’re part of the David Fincher posse because they won last year for The Social Network. “There’s the Roones.” Oh, I love how cute these guys are, even if this is their second Editing award.

Best Sound Editing goes to Hugo, and sure, I’ll go with that. After a cute “Hugo,” “No, you go” joke, the second of the pair makes a great joke about thanking everyone in the world. Well, you’re welcome, dude. Best Sound Mixing goes to Hugo as well. Congrats to the Scorsese-machine!

09:23 - Lyssa Spero:

I love editing in films. It’s so meticulous. I could be happy living life as an editor. As Thelma to someone else’s Marty, Sandy to someone else’s Quentin.

09:20 - Lyssa Spero:

She did’t start working until 1996

09:20 - Lyssa Spero:

OMG! It’s the Christopher Guest crew!!! Love it!

09:18 - Trisha Lynn:

I’m betting it was The Color Purple.

09:18 - Lyssa Spero:

I wonder how Steven Spielberg changed Octvia Spencer’s life?

09:13 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m not surprised Octavia Spencer won. We’re going to watch The Help tomorrow night. This standing ovation is incredible.

09:13 - Jillian Pullara:

Awww yay! Octavia Spencer! She’s awesome! Well deserved!

09:13 - Trisha Lynn:

The look on Melissa McCarthy’s face was like this: “Of all the clips, they picked that one?” I love how much Emma Stone loved watching Octavia Spencer smack her down in the clip. Best Supporting Actress award goes to her, and some are rising to their feet for a standing ovation. Well-deserved, good lady.

09:09 - Trisha Lynn:

The summary of the director/producer’s speech: “We’re really not as insane as our most insane countrymen. Please don’t declare war on us.”

09:09 - Lyssa Spero:

Hello Christian Bale!

09:07 - Trisha Lynn:

I’ve decided that I really like Sandra Bullock’s dress. Thank you, Oscar-producers, for reminding us that there are other countries in the world and what an atlas looks like! A Separation wins the Best Foreign Language film, and from what I understand, it really deserved it.

09:06 - Lyssa Spero:

If this isn’t A Separation, I’ll be shocked.

09:06 - Lyssa Spero:

This sounds like Klingon.

09:04 - Lyssa Spero:

Who’s going to see Newsies on Broadway with me????

09:03 - Jillian Pullara:

Oh, the Oscars are now hosted by Bobby Flay and Ann Burrell. And the nominees are all making pizza. >.<

08:59 - Trisha Lynn:

The Iron Lady wins Best Make-up, and this is the first award and nomination for the duo. Okay, so the announcer lady is good for something. I’m so curious as to how the two guys decided who got to speak first.

08:56 - Trisha Lynn:

I love these nominee introductions when you hear a bit about the thought behind the reason why they were nominated. More of this, please! Mark Bridges wins Best Costuming for The Artist.

08:55 - Lyssa Spero:

I love Sandy Powell’s designs. She can do anything from Elizabethan to 70’s glam

08:54 - Jillian Pullara:

Apparently in my house the Oscars have turned into the Amazing Race. Unless all the Oscar nominees have broken up into teams of two to travel around the world competing in ridic challenges in order to win the Oscar for their category. Truth be told, I would watch the shit out of that.

Also, hi guyzzzzz

08:53 - Trisha Lynn:

What the hell is this montage supposed to be about? And why? To try and get people back into movie theaters? Lower the damn prices!

08:52 - Lyssa Spero:

I love the movie montages!

08:52 - Lyssa Spero:

Billy Crystal’s wife is beautiful.

08:49 - Trisha Lynn:

Hey, Jill! Glad to see you could make it!

08:48 - Lyssa Spero:

Hey there Jill!!! :)

08:48 - Lyssa Spero:

I liked her dress.

08:48 - Jillian Pullara:

Oh hey, what up Oscars…. Oscaring up the place huh? Yeah. Thought so….

08:46 - Trisha Lynn:

“This is for Martin and for Italy.” Well said, lady.

08:46 - Trisha Lynn:

A double-win for Hugo, taking down the Art Direction award. I think the woman’s bodice is just a little lopsided.

08:45 - Lyssa Spero:

Production Design/Set Decoration: Hugo

08:44 - Trisha Lynn:

War Horse did indeed look amazing. I detest that the background info announcer is back. Wonderful news for Hugo winning the Best Cinematography award.

08:44 - Lyssa Spero:

First Award… Cinematography: Hugo Robert Richardson. Haven’t seen it, but I loved his work on QT’s Kill Bill movies.

08:41 - Lyssa Spero:

It might be your cable? Sounds fine to me.

08:40 - Lyssa Spero:

I particularly liked the Hugo song.

08:40 - Trisha Lynn:

There should be no way ever that this show should win for best sound editing. Is it just me, or is this sound really shitty?

08:38 - Lyssa Spero:

Oh yay! A song!

08:36 - Trisha Lynn:

I have a love/hate thing going on with him. He is such a good sport about some things.

08:36 - Lyssa Spero:

That was a classic Crystal opening

08:36 - Lyssa Spero:

You know, regardless of what you think of him, there’s no denying that Tom Cruise is also a good sport

08:32 - Lyssa Spero:

I love how good a sport George Clooney is.

08:32 - Lyssa Spero:

Shameless self promotion? Billy Crystal? Say it ain’t so.

08:31 - Trisha Lynn:

Does anyone know why Morgan Freeman is wearing one black glove? And the sound mix on that opening narration was weird, like the music was too loud.

08:31 - Lyssa Spero:

Given recent revelations, I have issues seeing Morgan Freeman open the Oscars.

08:28 - Lyssa Spero:

Was that Brian Cranston in the commercial for Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23???

08:24 - Trisha Lynn:

Only notable for New Yorkers: @patkiernan: The timeless morning anchor question on Oscar night: stay up until the end or learn the winner in the morning?

08:18 - Trisha Lynn:

Okay, time for me to take a break since our delivery food just arrived. And I’m not sure about this Google+ commercial, even though the Muppets are always awesome.

08:14 - Trisha Lynn:

Look at the back of that dress! I love it even more.

08:13 - Trisha Lynn:

Sandra Bullock looks very comfortable with her loose top, which is a very interesting choice. Also, I do still love how this British chick called her a “mummy.”

08:13 - Lyssa Spero:

Not sure if i like the top of Sandy’s dress, but I love the bottom of it.

08:13 - Lyssa Spero:

08:11 - Lyssa Spero:

No one cares what Stacey Keibler is wearing, since she’s standing next to George Clooney

08:08 - Lyssa Spero:

It’s not going to take you too much time. I read it twice in a week.

08:08 - Lyssa Spero:

I didn’t like that the cape seemed attached to the dress

08:07 - Trisha Lynn:

I need to find time to read The Hunger Games before the movie comes out.

08:06 - Trisha Lynn:

Glenn Close is amazing in her dress. Nicely structured, but perhaps the jacket could have been shorter. I also applaud Gwenyth Paltrow for wearing a cape. All she needs now is a robe and wizard hat.

08:05 - Lyssa Spero:

I actually like Glenn Close’s outfit. EVen with the weird blazer thing happening with her outfit

08:05 - Lyssa Spero:

Was that what he was trying to do? LOL

08:04 - Trisha Lynn:

Bradley Cooper, I’m not so sure about your mustache. However, I do adore his Christopher Walken impersonation. Why are so many men unshaven tonight?

08:03 - Lyssa Spero:

Why does Bradley Cooper have a mustache? Please tell me it’s for a film role, because it does nothing for his face.

08:02 - Lyssa Spero:

My TV boyfriend is on the pre show! I love Jason Segel so much. Don’t tell James. LOL

08:01 - Lyssa Spero:

Cameron Diaz needs to have her roots done, stat.

08:01 - Trisha Lynn:

John Stamos… reduced to shilling for Greek yogurt. And you can blame me for wanting to start this live-blog early. I love Cameron Diaz’s dress, because the train is amazing compared to the bodice.

08:00 - Lyssa Spero:

Why did I think the actual show started at 8

07:59 - Trisha Lynn:

From the Twitter-verse: @JoshMalina: Oscar Fun Fact: Viola Davis is slightly larger than Violin Davis.

07:58 - Lyssa Spero:

I don’t like this Royal Caribbean commercial. It is not the man’s sole responsibility to be romantic. Plus, each person defines romance differently. Don’t tell us, especially in this economy, that in order for him to be worthy, he has to shell out for a cruise.

07:56 - Lyssa Spero:

LOVE. Penelope Cruz’s dress. Its so old school Hollywood with the hair and the makeup. It’s looking like, along with nude, old Hollywood is the fashion statement of the night.

07:55 - Trisha Lynn:

No, I think you’re right. He’s looking good, and I love his comment about comedians. Ooh, Penelope Cruz; that’s such a classic dress. She looks very Princess Grace-like.

07:54 - Lyssa Spero:

Is it just me, or has Zach Gaifianakis lost weight?

07:54 - Trisha Lynn:

Jennifer Lopez’ dress makes her breasts look small. And I’m very sad that Nick Nolte wasn’t able to hear the British chick so well, because it makes him look older.

07:52 - Lyssa Spero:

Not everyone can wear nude, so when it’s the color of the season, people should really think if it works for them before choosing it. I mean, I know for sure, I could not pull it off and wouldn’t even try.

07:50 - Trisha Lynn:

Okay, I can dig Mirror, Mirror, but I doubt that Julia Roberts as the stepmother will ever be as terrifying as Sigourney Weaver was.

07:47 - Lyssa Spero:

Were they magenta? I love it. They were so unexpected.

07:47 - Lyssa Spero:

Can we talk about what Busy Phillips is wearing? She looks stunning, and I love the violet pumps with that dress.

07:47 - Trisha Lynn:

Busy Phillips was wearing magenta shoes! WTF?

07:46 - Trisha Lynn:

I would be okay if Jean DuJardin won for Best Actor, because of the uniqueness behind The Artist.

07:45 - Lyssa Spero:

Brits are awesome. It’s the accent. Anything they say sounds fabulous.

07:42 - Trisha Lynn:

Tee hee, Colin Firth. I am digging hearing the two Brits talk to each other. “Bit of a giggle.” Tee hee.

07:42 - Lyssa Spero:

Hello Mark D’Arcy!

07:41 - Trisha Lynn:

Is that a peplum? I fear Tina Fey’s peplum, a lot. And her earrings look fabulous.

07:41 - Lyssa Spero:

Tina Fey looks great in that dark purple, and the hair, while different for her really woks with that outfit. And this earrings… LOVE

07:40 - Trisha Lynn:

Annie Mumolo’s looking a bit too bronze, especially with the color of her dress. And I totally forgot that Billy Crystal was hosting this year!

07:40 - Lyssa Spero:

The only thing I don’t like about Kristen Wiig’s whole look is the color of her dress. It washes her out a bit but her hair and makeup are great, and the cut of that dress is very flattering.

07:38 - Lyssa Spero:

I agree that that color was nice, and I love sparkly, dangly earrings, but it was still a hot Grecian mess

07:35 - Lyssa Spero:

I hate Melissa McCarthy’s dress, but I love how down to earth she is. Her Emmy dress was much better.

07:35 - Trisha Lynn:

Seeing it up close, I think I really like Melissa McCarthy’s dress. It’s not an overwhelming color, it’s light and airy, and her earrings are fabulous.

07:34 - Trisha Lynn:

Glad to see the Mominees section is back again.

07:32 - Lyssa Spero:

I get all teary listening to the proud moms.

07:32 - Trisha Lynn:

I wish my face weren’t so round; I wish I could rock a pixie like Michelle Williams.

Christopher Plummer’s tux jacket reminds me of the one that was on the Todd doll my sister had as a kid. He looks great in it… it’s velvet?

07:31 - Lyssa Spero:

I love the piping on Christopher Plummer’s jacket. #bestdressed

07:30 - Lyssa Spero:

Michelle Williams is one of the few women who can truly pull off a pixie cut.

07:29 - Lyssa Spero:

The emerald green really works on Viola Davis.

07:24 - Lyssa Spero:

I really want to see what Miss Piggy is wearing.

07:24 - Trisha Lynn:

Well, Nina Garcia loves Rooney Mara’s dress, which goes to show that Nina Garcia doesn’t know everything.

07:23 - Lyssa Spero:

It’s been 30 years since his mom, Grace Kelly, died. Hollywood royalty as well as actual royalty, and he’s a guest of Bob Iger, who, as head of Disney, can invite whomever the hell he so chooses.

07:22 - Trisha Lynn:

Ugh, I don’t like Emma Stone’s dress. Mostly because of the bow, which happens to be the only thing that’s interesting about it.

07:21 - Lyssa Spero:

Um, why is Emma Stone wearing a stupid bow on her neck. Did she get bit by a vampire last night?

07:21 - Trisha Lynn:

“Milla Jovovich-multipass.” And why is Prince Albert here again? Did he have something to do with the production of one of the films?

07:20 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m trying not to be this way, but I can’t stop checking out Robin Robert’s ass.

07:17 - Lyssa Spero:

Still see her in The Fifth Element every time you see her???

07:16 - Trisha Lynn:

Milla Jovovich looks great, and I am perhaps a little wigged out by how normal she sounds.

07:16 - Lyssa Spero:

Hello Milla Jovovich! Looking fantastic. Apparently, nude is the color of the nigh.

07:14 - Lyssa Spero:

I loved Robin Roberts pulling out her SportsCenter past and mentioning Rooney Mara’s football heritage.

07:13 - Trisha Lynn:

Gotta say, I love Rooney Mara’s crooked teeth. And I also am glad for the opportunity to take another look at Robin Roberts’s awesome eyeshadow.

07:13 - Lyssa Spero:

Jessica Chastain’s dress looks amazing on her. It’s not a dress that would work on everyone.

07:12 - Lyssa Spero:

Up close, that dress does not work on Rooney Mara…

07:09 - Lyssa Spero:

Jason Segel is looking sharp in a tux and shades.

07:09 - Lyssa Spero:

What the hell is Melissa McCarthy wearing?!? Did she just come from a performance of Xanadu?

07:09 - Trisha Lynn:

Glad to see Jonah Hill look good, particularly since he chose a non-white shirt front. I’m not sure about the belt on Maya Rudolph’s dress. Perhaps a bit tacky of them to mention the shapewear. And I see they’re letting Sascha Baron Cohen do his thing on the red carpet.

07:07 - Lyssa Spero:

May Rudolph’s dress is doing nothing for me. The decoration should be higher, so it doesn’t pull attention to her paunch.

07:07 - Lyssa Spero:

I didn’t think Jonah Hill’s performance in Moneyball was all that. It wasn’t his usual schtick, but nothing special

07:06 - Lyssa Spero:

Jonah Hill’s mom looks like Marsha from Spaced.

07:05 - Trisha Lynn:

Octavia Spencer looks great. But I wonder why there isn’t the same kind of furor over her hair as there was for Viola Davis.

07:05 - Lyssa Spero:

For a larger woman, that dress is really working for Octavia, though.

07:04 - Lyssa Spero:

Did Robin Roberts and Octavia Spencer shop at the same place for their dresses???

07:03 - Trisha Lynn:

From my Twitter-feed: @trollprincess: Rooney Mara’s boobs appear to be wearing hats.

OMG, Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia, back together again! I really hope that there’s some bitchiness.

07:03 - Lyssa Spero:

Tim Gunn!!!! Yes! I love him. He’s divine.

07:02 - Lyssa Spero:

I love watching the celebrities interact behind the reporters.

07:02 - Trisha Lynn:

I definitely prefer Robin Roberts’ dress.

07:02 - Lyssa Spero:

What the hell is the British girl wearing???? Those edges are too sharp.

07:01 - Lyssa Spero:

Ooh… Hello Robin Roberts. Looking gooooood….

06:55 - Lyssa Spero:

I thought that at first about Rooney Mara’s dress, but I think the color with her hair works.

06:55 - Trisha Lynn:

The second ad for John Carter just fired off, and I have a real difficulty believing that it’s from the same source material as the Edgar Rice Burroughs books.

Busy Phillips’ earrings are really distracting. And I think that Rooney Mara’s got Audrey Hepburn face, but the rest of her outfit is not for me.

06:54 - Lyssa Spero:

I love her earrings, though!!!

06:54 - Lyssa Spero:

I wish I could hear what Busy Phillips was saying. Regardless of what it is it always looks like she’s being LOUD. LOL

06:53 - Lyssa Spero:

OK… why did I never know that Mark Strong is in John Carter????

06:50 - Trisha Lynn:

Michelle Williams’s dress would look better without the peplum. Which I had to look up in order to realize what they were talking about.

06:50 - Lyssa Spero:

Oh Michelle Williams… Love the color. Not sure about the design, though.

06:49 - Lyssa Spero:

Demian Bichir is such a pimp!

06:45 - Trisha Lynn:

I think I also love how her husband has gotten the “Let the clothing drape right” thing down pat.

06:43 - Trisha Lynn:

From my Twitter-feed: @rmless: They just annouced stacy k as clooneys gf which means they will break up within 30 min.

Viola Davis looks really great, but I’m concerned about the ruffles on the bottom of that dress. Color’s great, though.

06:39 - Lyssa Spero:

I love how cool George Clooney is. He never seems like a typical, bullshit spewing celebrity.

06:38 - Trisha Lynn:

“[You have to applaud for everybody]; otherwise, you look like a jerk.” Oh, George Clooney. I can’t help but love you. His date has an awesome dress, too.

06:35 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh, Cameron Mathison. How the mighty have fallen from once having been on one of the biggest soaps of all time. *pours one out for “All My Children*

06:35 - Lyssa Spero:

Jessica Chastain just blew up this year between Tree of Life, The Help, The Debt, and Take Shelter. The other girl is the girl from The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

06:33 - Trisha Lynn:

Hello George Panocchio! You are looking less bronze this year than last year.

I like Jessica Chastain’s dress, but it’s cutting into the top of her chest too much. I also like Shailene Woodley’s dress, too. And I’m feeling a little weird that the first two people on this coverage are actresses I’ve never heard of before. I’m getting old.

06:32 - Lyssa Spero:

We’re finishing up something on Demand. I’ll start up the ABC coverage at 7.

06:31 - Lyssa Spero:

I won’t be upset if Bridesmaids wins, I really did enjoy the Hell out of it. And I also hope Melissa McCarthy wins tonight, even though I’m not going to throw a fit if she doesn’t. I just love me my Sookie St. James.

06:30 - Trisha Lynn:

And the ABC coverage has now started!

06:28 - Trisha Lynn:

He’s had his fair share, and for movies that were far more audacious. I also loved Midnight in Paris, but the fact that Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig broke the “Chick flicks can’t bring in male audiences” rule this year is highly significant.

06:25 - Lyssa Spero:

I cannot agree with you there. I saw Bridesmaids, and while I loved it, it thought the Midnight in Paris script was infinitely better, and I’m not the biggest fan of Woody Allen.

06:23 - Lyssa Spero:

Not sure on the history of that, but technical category repeats are less infrequent than performance repeats. He could repeat.

06:22 - Trisha Lynn:

Also, despite loving Midnight in Paris and not having seen Bridesmaids, I still want its two co-writers to win for original screenplay.

06:21 - Trisha Lynn:

I’m pleased to see Moneyball on the list for adapted screenplay, and I wonder if Sorkin will do a repeat. Do the Oscars do that?

06:20 - Lyssa Spero:

I didn’t see enough to make that decision. Happy that Midnight in Paris is on the list. As I already mentioned, I thought Super 8 was brilliant. I wish that Jessica Chastian had been nominated for her fantastic work in Tree of Life, but I haven’t seen The Help yet.

06:17 - Trisha Lynn:

In a perfect world, based on the movies you saw, who should have been nominated?

06:16 - Lyssa Spero:

You’re not wrong…

06:16 - Lyssa Spero:

And I LOVED The Muppets. In fact, it was my second favorite movie of the year after the nominated for nothing (not even it’s amazing score!) Super 8.

06:16 - Trisha Lynn:

I think we both need to get out more.

06:15 - Lyssa Spero:

Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, Tree of Life, War Horse

06:14 - Trisha Lynn:

Of this year’s Best Picture nominees, I saw three: Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, and War Horse. You?

06:12 - Trisha Lynn:

Ah! Now, that’s a movie I wish I’d seen this year. I didn’t have a chance to do my usual “TONS OF MOVIES TOWARDS THE END OF THE YEAR” like I wanted to, so I didn’t see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or the Muppet movie, or anything like that. I did see Mission Impossible 4, and must say that I have a bit of respect for Tom Cruise again.

06:10 - Lyssa Spero:

He wrote Man or Muppet

06:10 - Lyssa Spero:

At least this won’t be another year of trying to remember what we just said to each other so we can get it down for the blog. Amirite?

06:09 - Trisha Lynn:

I, er, am ashamed that I had to look up who he is. What’s he being nominated for?

06:08 - Trisha Lynn:

Starting the live-blog a little behind schedule, but that’s okay because the ABC affiliate near us hasn’t started their coverage. This year, I’m blogging with Lyssa, but not with Lyssa due to some interesting circumstances. But that still doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves, hmm?

06:08 - Lyssa Spero:

So, Trisha, are we ready for a world that includes Oscar Winner Bret McKenzie???

06:07 - Lyssa Spero:

Hi everyone. Here and ready to go with the live blog. Woot!

11:46 - Trisha Lynn:

And that’s it for us, thanks for reading!

11:44 - Trisha Lynn:

Final thoughts on the Franco/Hathaway show: Needs more comedy.

11:42 - Lyssa Spero:

I don’t mean to be a downer on the cute children’s chorus, but it sounded a bit prerecorded, and I didn’t hear new voices join the chorus when the Oscar winners joined the stage and started singing along. Am I just being cynical? Maybe…

11:41 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh wait… the kids have shirts that tell what voice they are in the chorus? I didn’t notice that before in the pre-show. And all the winners come out and joined the kids on stage? That was cute.

11:41 - Kara Dennison:

And on that bombshell … good night!

11:39 - Kara Dennison:

Whoa wait there’s a song and stuff.

11:38 - Trisha Lynn:

Yay for gay men winning Oscars! And we’re out of here!

11:38 - Kara Dennison:

Sticking around to see if Anne Hathaway has another dress.

11:37 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to: The King’s Speech. Like I said in my nominations piece, if my only choices were this or The Social Network, I would choose this, so I’m not entirely upset by this win.

11:37 - Kara Dennison:

The King’s Speech takes it, and Twitter explodes.

11:35 - Lyssa Spero:

I think I would much rather see clips from the nominated films with their own sounds. Also, please stop showing bits from near the ends of films in these montages. A lot of these movies are not on DVD, nor have they been seen by the very people you’re trying to sell your awards show to.

11:34 - Trisha Lynn:

Is it just me, or is the way this montage is playing make it sound like it’s a total lock for The King’s Speech?

11:32 - Lyssa Spero:

If I had my way Inception would win Best Picture, but it’ll probably be The King’s Speech.

11:32 - Kara Dennison:

Did Anne Hathaway just squee?

11:32 - Trisha Lynn:

Whoa, okay, now this dress… I have no freaking words.

11:29 - Lyssa Spero:

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some impulses I have to attend to backstage.” I know it’s a callback to his dancing comment earlier in his speech, but I have this image of a nerve-wracked Colin Firth promptly running to the loo to throw up.

11:28 - Trisha Lynn:

Yeah, you totally called it when we saw it in November. And he is a totally lovely man.

11:26 - Kara Dennison:

And a win for the good Mr. Firth, whose acceptance speech is sounding so utterly British. <3

11:26 - Trisha Lynn:

I don’t think that any of the three of us are surprised at Colin Firth’s win, but I am totally loving his speech.

11:26 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to: Colin Firth. As it should be. I called it back in November when Trisha and I first saw The King’s Speech (she’ll confirm it). I love when the Brits give speeches at awards shows because they tend to be endearingly self-depreaciating.

11:24 - Trisha Lynn:

Damn, I really want to see The King’s Speech again.

11:23 - Kara Dennison:

Colin Firth is a great actor and quite a looker, but he’s always got this look on his face like someone’s just goosed him.

11:22 - Trisha Lynn:

If we’re going to have actresses hosting the Oscars now, maybe Sandra Bullock should do it?

11:21 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Actor should go to the dead sexy Colin Firth. I remember hating Colin Firth when I first discovered him. I quickly realized it wasn’t him, it was the characters and how well he was playing them. Love him in everything I’ve seen him in.

11:19 - Trisha Lynn:

Yeah, Academy. Thank you for getting this one right. Note that she didn’t thank George Lucas for putting her in the Star Wars films. And good on her for thanking the below-the-line folks.

11:18 - Kara Dennison:

Natalie Portman is very pretty and very talented and (probably) deserving (not seen Black Swan yet) … but the bell pulls on her ears are distracting me. :(

11:16 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to: Natalie Portman. This may have been the most predictable year for the acting categories. I don’t really see any of the men beating Colin Firth.

11:14 - Trisha Lynn:

I really want Natalie Portman to win.

11:14 - Lyssa Spero:

Jennifer Lawrence is wondering why they chose the clip where she looked her worst in the film.

11:14 - Trisha Lynn:

Interesting that they’re combining the long individual speeches from the previous two awards ceremonies with one speaker giving them to the nominees. Not sure if I like it, but I’m sure the nominees don’t mind.

11:13 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Actress: I’m pulling for Natalie Portman. The acting categories are pretty predictable this year, but I don’t mind, since I tend to agree with the consensus. I’m glad they’re showing clips again for these performances.

11:12 - Kara Dennison:

I’ve loved Jeff Bridges ever since The Fisher King. This man can do no wrong.

11:11 - Trisha Lynn:

Last Anne Hathaway dress is so very dark. It’s a unique color. And… the Dude Abides at the Oscars!

11:10 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m a little confused now, to hear that The King’s Speech was, in fact, based on a play. It’s one of those little quirks the Academy seems to be a real stickler about, so I’m curious how it was an original screenplay.

11:07 - Lyssa Spero:

I had forgotten that they now give out the Lifetime Achievement awards at a separate ceremony. I would have liked to see some of these tributes in full, though. Hopefully they can be viewed online.

11:06 - Kara Dennison:

Tonight’s been either cringe-worthy or giggle-worthy alternately.  Also, ‘Triangle of Man-Love’ is the name of my Village People tribute band.

11:05 - Lyssa Spero:

Wow. A bit of a surprise win for Tom Hooper. I loved The King’s Speech while I merely liked The Social Network and I still haven’t forgiven Fincher for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, so I’m not entirely upset about this.

But again. Christoper. Nolan.

Also, hello Kara!!! :)

11:04 - Trisha Lynn:

Glad to see you here, Kara, in this, the final stretch. How has the theoretical entertainment been on your end?

“Triangle of man-love” is going to be the name of a Colin Firth/Geoffrey Rush fanfic soon. Rule 34, bitches!

11:04 - Kara Dennison:

‘Triangle of Man-Love’ … well, my night is complete.

11:02 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Director: I fully expect David Fincher to walk away with this award, but I still think it’s a crying shame that Christopher Nolan was not even nominated this year.

11:01 - Kara Dennison:

I’m not actually late to the party, just late to the blog.  I haven’t had a lot of stock in the nominees this year — watching for the general theoretical entertainment value and to see what Auto-Tune the News ended up doing for them.

10:55 - Lyssa Spero:

What? No Kenneth Mars?!?!?

10:54 - Trisha Lynn:

WHAT? We don’t get to hear the applause? Just Celine Dion? WT-Melissa Leo? That is the whole point of this segment for the audience at home!

10:54 - Lyssa Spero:

I hate this part, because I sometimes forget that certain people have left us in the past year, and it hurts to be reminded sometimes.

10:53 - Lyssa Spero:

We’re not hearing the audience reaction during this, obviously.

10:49 - Trisha Lynn:

I know I go to hell every time I say this during a live blog, but I cannot wait for the “Bring Out Your Dead” segment. Who will get the biggest applause this year?

10:49 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m calling it now: Tony Curtis will most likely get the biggest applause during the In Memoriam segment.

10:47 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to: Randy Newman. Easily the weakest of the four nominees. No way this should have won. This is such a make up Oscar for You’ve Got a Friend in Me from the first Toy Story film.

10:47 - Trisha Lynn:

I’m sorry, but during the entire time that Jennifer Hudson was presenting the Best Original Song nominees, I was staring at her cleavage.

10:45 - Lyssa Spero:

I think it’s interesting that many critics’ pick for the song that will win and the song that should win are being performed back to back right before the award is to be handed out. Makes me wonder if we’re in for a surprise Disney win.

10:44 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Original Song: I think it will go to If I Rise from 127 Hours.

10:41 - Trisha Lynn:

I really like this new dress of Anne Hathaway’s. Her hair needs some fixing, though.

10:36 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to: The Social Network, which, honestly, was another achievement in editing when you think about what they were tasked with – composing a clear narrative from three distinct stories without losing the viewer.

10:35 - Lyssa Spero:

And now, best Editing: I want Black Swan to take this just because you can’t tell its not Natalie Portman from the waist down.

10:34 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to: Inception! Yes! Give it up for in camera special effects with a minimum of CGI. Not that CGI doesn’t have a place, but practical special effects are every bit important and impressive.

10:33 - Trisha Lynn:

I love RDJ and Jude Law together. I need to see Sherlock Holmes soon. And no surprise, Inception wins for Best Visual Effects. Good on those guys for winning their first award!

10:32 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Visual Effect: I’m expecting another victory for Inception here.

I like the banter between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.

10:31 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh, yes. I want the Bob Hope hosting segments to be on DVD somewhere. But who was the person who did that horrible Bob Hope impersonation?

10:23 - Trisha Lynn:

First political speech from the night comes from the Best Documentary Feature winners for Inside Job, but I’m afraid they are right in that someone should have gone to jail over the financial disaster of 2008.

10:23 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Documentary Feature – another category I have to make a point to pay closer attention to next year.

The Oscar goes to Inside Job. I need to see the films in this category soon. I wish I had more to contribute to the discourse.

10:20 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh LORD. I have no idea how I didn’t pee my pants over the auto-tuned shorts.

10:19 - Lyssa Spero:

Is it sad that I would have that Tiny Ball of Light song on my iPod if they made it available for purchase???

10:19 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh, James Franco. They did way more than make out in Love and Other Drugs. She even made a reference to it earlier in the show. Thank you to Jake Gyllenhaal for the joke about short films and how they can help you win in Oscar pools.

The Best Documentary Short winners are “Strangers No More” and Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon give a very nice speech. Luke Matheny wins for Best Live Action Short Film and gives shout-outs to his peeps at NYU. Go New Yorkers! “…and finally my mother, who did craft services for the film.” This guy is going to get so laid tonight.

10:18 - Lyssa Spero:

OMG! They’re pulling an Antoine Dodson on Harry Potter! I can’t stop laughing… now it’s Toy Story 3! This is brilliant. Love that they’re using Justin Timberlake.

10:16 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Live Action Short Film goes to… God of Love.

Again, I can’t really say much about these categories because I haven’t seen any of the films. But this kid is rocking a serious Jew-fro

10:13 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Documentary Short Subject goes to: Strangers No More

I have to follow Jake Gyllenhaal’s advice and see more short films during the year… I never win my offie’s Oscar Pool

10:12 - Lyssa Spero:

Is James Franco jealous that Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t make out with him in a movie?

10:06 - Trisha Lynn:

Wait, they’re doing all of these songs in a row? Mandy Moore’s dress is too somber, I think. I didn’t realize that Zachary Levi could sing. Man, I have to see Tangled now. She’s also making very funny faces as she sings. Is that how she always sings?

10:06 - Lyssa Spero:

Have to agree with Trisha on this one. They seriously have to turn up the mics or turn down the orchestra. But Zachary Levi is looking truly adorable. I wish I could hear him and Mandy Moore actually singing this song.

10:04 - Lyssa Spero:

It’s a little less fun to watch Randy Newman on the Oscars since he stopped being the Susan Lucci of the ceremony. This is a fun song, but I sometimes marvel at the songs considered ineligible. I would have liked to have seen something from Get Him to the Greek in this category.

10:04 - Trisha Lynn:

Kevin Spacey should sing more in movies. And I am having a problem with the sound editing on this broadcast because the piano and backing track are too loud and I can’t hear the vocals for “We Belong Together” for Toy Story 3.

10:00 - Lyssa Spero:

I love Colleen Atwood’s costumes in Alice in Wonderland, and Sandy Powell’s work is always top notch. Glad Colleen took this one home, though. Again, regardless of your feelings on the film itself, her costumes were so well done.

09:58 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Makeup: I don’t have a horse in this race. I haven’t seen any of these films.

And Rick Baker and Dave Elsey win for The Wolfman. Prosthetic makeup is always more pronounced than other makeup. I kind of like that the Emmys give it two categories since non-prostheic makeup is no less important to the success of a film, but is all too often overlooked.

09:57 - Trisha Lynn:

I just noticed that James Franco’s shirt is gray, to match Anne Hathaway’s dress. Also, I’m finally saying now what I wanted to say earlier and so many other people have said online: James Franco is so baked.

I really want Rick Baker to win, and he does! He and partner Dave Elsey are here to accept for Best Makeup for The Wolfman. “It was always my ambition to lose an Oscar one day to Rick Baker; this is better.” Well said, Dave.

09:50 - Trisha Lynn:

The Inception team won for Best Sound Mixing, and did I hear a “Go union!” from the lead speaker? That’s right, Wisconsin, whatchoo gonna do about it?

Best Sound Editing goes to the Inception team again, and Richard King is very classy in his short speech.

09:50 - Lyssa Spero:

Sound Editing goes to… Inception. Yes! And for some reason, my TV doesn’t want to hear his acceptance speech! Sad. The below the line talent is important as well, Dammit!

09:47 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Sound Mixing goes to: Inception, and well-deserved.

09:46 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Sound Mixing and Editing should both go to Inception. But of course, that was my favorite film of the year, so I’m a little biased.

09:45 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to… Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Not surprising, but again, a little odd to see Trent in a tux. Can’t wait to hear his score for Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tatto0.

09:44 - Trisha Lynn:

I don’t think I like this new dress of Anne Hathaway’s. So… where does the orchestra go when they’re not on stage?

Best Original Score goes to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Social Network and, well, I’ll let Lyssa say it.

09:42 - Lyssa Spero:

I also love the score for How to Train Your Dragon, but I think The Social Network will probably take this one.

09:41 - Lyssa Spero:

It’s going to be weird for the girl who went to high school during the genesis of Nine Inch Nails if Trent Reznor wins an Oscar tonight. Awesome, but a little strange.

09:35 - Trisha Lynn:

Best Supporting Actor goes to Christian Bale, and yes, that was well and truly deserved. “Melissa, I’m not going to drop the F-bomb like she did, I’ve already done that enough.” Very charming speech, even if he did do a plug for Dicky Eklund’s website.

09:33 - Lyssa Spero:

Please please please please… YES!!! I have been waiting for this moment since I first saw Christian Bale in Newsies back in 1995! Shut up! They can’t all be winners.

09:30 - Trisha Lynn:

Thanks to Kevin Smith on the Hollywood Babylon podcast, I can never hear Reese Witherspoon’s name without hearing him say “Greasy Reese-y” in my head.

09:29 - Lyssa Spero:

Is this where my beautiful Christian Bale becomes an Oscar winner?? Finally? Please?

09:28 - Trisha Lynn:

And…. I have to admit that I am totally speechless right now. When was the last time we had crossdressing hosts at the Oscars? Also, the banter between Russell Brand and Helen Mirren was very cool. In a Better World wins the Best Foreign Language film for Denmark, and I hate that the announcer is back.

09:28 - Lyssa Spero:

I clearly need to watch more foreign film over the course of the regular year.

09:27 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Foreign Language Film: Helen Mirren looks amazing and she has good comic chemistry with Russell Brand, oddly.

I only saw Butiful but it was really good and I hope it wins.

09:26 - Lyssa Spero:

Anne Hathaway can sing.

Oh. My. God! James Franco dressed as Marilyn Monroe?!?! Awesome.

09:21 - Lyssa Spero:

I really do love John Hawkes performance in Winter’s Bone. It’s understated, not showy, but it’s so damn powerful. Even though I’m fully in the Christian Bale corner for Best Supporting Actor, I’m looking forward to seeing what John Hawkes does next.

09:20 - Trisha Lynn:

Who was Javier Bardem pointing to? Best Original Screenplay goes to The King’s Speech and despite what some of the people are saying about how it’s a “feel good” movie about a weak real-life ruler, it was truly a good movie.

David Seidler: “My father always said to me I would be a late bloomer. I’m told I’m the oldest person to win this award; I hope that record is broken early and often.” Well said, good sir.

09:19 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Original Screenplay goes to… The King’s Speech. I loved that movie, so I don’t have a problem with it.

09:16 - Lyssa Spero:

Can both my guys win their writing awards? Sorkin already has. Even though I want Christopher Nolan to win Best Original Screenplay, I’m worried. Oh well, we’ll find out in a moment.

09:14 - Trisha Lynn:

I like how Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem are wearing matching tuxes. The Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network and why not? He took what was a somewhat troubled book and turned it into a great movie.

09:14 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Adapted screenplay should go to Aaron Sorkin without question.

Also, thank you Oscars for reminding me of Josh Brolin’s better movies. Hex was a nightmare

09:11 - Lyssa Spero:

Trisha, I don’t think this win hurts Toy Story 3‘s chances at Best Picture; mostly because I don’t believe it ever had a legitimate shot of winning Best Picture.

09:07 - Trisha Lynn:

Best Animated Feature film goes to Toy Story 3, which hurts its chances for winning Best Picture, methinks. Also, neither me nor Lyssa got the Banksy joke because we were talking over their banter.

09:07 - Lyssa Spero:

Yay! I love Toy Story 3 so much! But then again, my older brother says I have a weird love affair with Pixar. He’s not wrong…

09:05 - Lyssa Spero:

Next year, I will absolutely check out the Academy Nominated Short Films showcases at the IFC Center, so I can actually have a fully formed opinion on these categories.

As for Best Animated Feature, I’ve seen them all, and love them all, but I want Toy Story 3 to win.

09:03 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Animated Short: I always pick Pixar for this category and they don’t usually win, but I’m in love with Day & Night.

09:01 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh dear… as much as I think Kirk Douglas making a pass at Anne Hathaway is cute, it’s also a bit… tortured. And also still funny: “Colin Firth isn’t laughing; he’s British.” And now, I’m really starting to see the humor in this.

Best Supporting Actress award goes to Melissa Leo, and the look on her face was so awesome. She didn’t believe she would win, and I believe that. Yes! They had to bleep her out. I am in tears.

08:58 - Lyssa Spero:

And the Oscar goes to… Melissa Leo. Yes! I thought she was just fabulous as the mom in The Fighter. Hitting on Kirk Douglas was a cute touch.

08:53 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Supporting Actress: Why isn’t Christoph Waltz there? Kirk Douglas should not be made to speak in public. That being said, I’m pulling for The Fighter‘s Melissa Leo. She was fabulous.

08:48 - Lyssa Spero:

I can live with Wally Pfister winning this award. He is extremely good at what he does, but I really think that Matthew Liabatique did more to add to the mood and tone of his film. As much as I love Inception.

08:47 - Trisha Lynn:

First winner of the night totally blows the nice narrative that presenter Tom Hanks had going for the Art Direction award. Winners Robert Stromberg and Karen O’Hara for Alice in Wonderland were truly surprised to win, and that’s awesome. Alas, I couldn’t see the cute little thing he put on the statuette.

Wally Pfister takes down the Cinematography award for Inception, a movie I haven’t seen yet. Go union!

08:46 - Lyssa Spero:

Best Cinematography: I would really love to see Matthew Liabatique take it home for Black Swan

08:45 - Lyssa Spero:

Alice in Wonderland wins! Yay! It really did have a strong visual component to it, so even if you didn’t like the movie, you have to appreciate the skill in this category.

08:44 - Lyssa Spero:

First award of the night: Best Art Direction. I think it will be Alice in Wonderland, but only because it’s the most elaborate.

08:43 - Trisha Lynn:

I have a strong feeling that the only reason why they’re doing these “Let’s take a look at awesome old movies” thing is to show off how awesome their on-stage projectors are.

08:38 - Lyssa Spero:

That was well done and funny. I especially liked the Back the the Future shout out at the end.

08:38 - Trisha Lynn:

I have to say that this totally reminds me of the “hosting segment” montage that Jon Stewart created when he did his first run. Good start.

Fave lines: “I loved you in TRON.” “Alec likes for me to narrate his dreams. He says I have a soothing voice.”

08:36 - Lyssa Spero:

And again, my belief that James Franco can do no wrong is proven correct.

08:32 - Lyssa Spero:

Nice little montage of the ten Best Picture nominees to start the night

08:16 - Trisha Lynn:

I think I like Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress tonight, because she looks really happy and it’s sunny.

Also, I almost always forget that Christian Bale is British until he opens his mouth in an interview. That’s how much he should win for The Fighter.

08:15 - Lyssa Spero:

Christian Bale is on the red carpet. I love it. He looks great. I really hope he wins tonight. He’s so long overdue for something. Been in love with him for fifteen years.

08:07 - Lyssa Spero:

“I think they all want to finish together and have a good time.” Is Sandra Bullock talking about the Oscars, or are the nominees sitting around watching porn?

08:05 - Lyssa Spero:

How funny would it be if at one point tonight, James Franco came on stage as Dale Denton???

08:03 - Lyssa Spero:

Purple seems to be the color of the Oscars this year. Natalie Portman looks absolutely lovely in her gown.

08:03 - Trisha Lynn:

Is it just me, or does Natalie Portman look like she’s about to cry? She’s also oddly blocked in that while she’s looking either over Robin Roberts’ shoulder, she’s also starring at the countdown clock with a look of apprehension on her face.

08:02 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m really glad Jennifer Hudson’s face caught up to her weight loss.

07:58 - Lyssa Spero:

More like the smack down. Charlie Sheen’s not open to logic these days.

07:57 - Trisha Lynn:

Perhaps RDJ needs to lay some gospel down on Charlie Sheen?

07:56 - Lyssa Spero:

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to finally have Robert Downey Jr back on track and clean??? No? Consider it mentioned.

07:53 - Lyssa Spero:

What I remember most about Reese Witherspoon winning the Best Actress Oscar a few years ago? That she owes Felicity Huffman some hardware. As much as I love Walk the Line, I still didn’t think Reese’s performance was all that.

07:53 - Trisha Lynn:

Geoffrey Rush: “We texted each other [and] even if the whole film [The King’s Speech] goes home empty-handed, this film has scored with audiences and in our working relationship.”

Colin Firth: “Besides, you don’t need another Oscar anyway, do you?”

Oh, so adorable!

07:51 - Lyssa Spero:

Hello Colin Firth! He is absolutely dead sexy.

07:50 - Trisha Lynn:

“I make it a point to give credit.” Yes, you do. You are one of those real awesome producers, Mr. Mark Wahlberg. Good luck tonight!

07:42 - Trisha Lynn:

“I would be even more amazed if I knew what a “banquettes’ were.” Rico Rodriguez, you were very cute. Go ABC synergy.

Also, Matthew McConaughey, would you just shave for an event like tonight?

07:39 - Lyssa Spero:

Does anyone else think it’s might be the animosity between Marvel and DC’s fault that Scarlett Johanssen’s marriage to Ryan Reynolds fell apart?

07:39 - Trisha Lynn:

Not sure I’m in love with ScarJo’s dress, mostly because you can see that she’s wearing a black bra. If she’d worn a burgundy bra, I would have been more okay with it.

07:34 - Lyssa Spero:

It’s funny. You can tell whether Tim Gunn really likes a dress by how much he praises it in front of the wearer. It’s not like he’s going to tell someone he hates what their wearing live.

07:33 - Trisha Lynn:

I like Marisa Tomei’s dress and jewelry, and I totally agree with Tim Gunn where he says it’s fashion history because I remember dresses like her being in fashion when I was looking for prom dresses.

07:30 - Trisha Lynn:

This montage about the mothers of the nominees is just making me tear up.

07:30 - Lyssa Spero:

I’m loving this Mominees section. So cute to hear from the mothers of the nominees.

07:28 - Trisha Lynn:

Dear Lord! What the hell is Cate Blanchett wearing? There are … things on her bodice and it looks like the top of the Evil Stepmother’s mirror and there’s chartreuse and… *shudder* No. Just. No.

07:27 - Lyssa Spero:

Cate Blanchett is wearing a total Van Gough.

07:23 - Lyssa Spero:

Trisha, as far as we know, he doesn’t have a deaf kid who will never hear the students sing.

07:22 - Trisha Lynn:

Lyss, wasn’t that called Mr. Holland’s Opus?

07:21 - Lyssa Spero:

So, how long before Hollywood pushes out the Mr. B of Staten Island PS 22 movie?

07:21 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh wow, it’s the P.S. 22 kids, whom I first saw on the “Ace of Cakes” show because Duff Goldman wanted to give the music teacher a cake for being awesome.

Support music education in schools!

07:18 - Trisha Lynn:

“We’re gonna track [Justin Timberlake’s] progress down the red carpet.” Did you put a tracking device in one of his shoes?

07:17 - Trisha Lynn:

“Why isn’t my washing being done?” You so funny, Russell Brand.

07:16 - Lyssa Spero:

Kevin Spacey just used his, “My fingers are crossed for her, but she’s not going to win” voice in refernce to Annette Benning.

07:14 - Trisha Lynn:

Oh, so that’s who she is… Is it just me, or is Jennifer Lawrence dressed in a dress version of a Baywatch swimsuit?

07:14 - Lyssa Spero:

Woah! Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing! So far removed from her role in Winter’s Bone. Just stunning in red.

07:12 - Lyssa Spero:

So far it’s all the same people as the preshow to the preshow. *YAWN*

07:06 - Lyssa Spero:

I hope they don’t do to Hailee Steinfeld what they did to Keisha Castle-Hughes, but Hailee’s not cornering herself by naming names.

07:02 - Lyssa Spero:

Yay, Tim Gunn! I love how delightfully bitchy he can be.

06:56 - Trisha Lynn:

Food has arrived! Excuse us while we NOM NOM NOM…

06:51 - Lyssa Spero:

I still can’t believe the first things I saw Amy Adams in were the Family episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in the film Psycho Beach Party.

06:50 - Trisha Lynn:

I like Amy Adams’ Cartier jewelry, and I love the color of her dress. “I don’t know how you kept all seven of [the sisters] straight.” Wow, what a stupid interview comment.

Have decided that I would look awesome in her dress, and that’s why I like it.

06:49 - Lyssa Spero:

I’ve been seeing ads for The Adjustment Bureau for over a year now, and it never fails to look awesome. But the multiple delays in its release sets off my alarms in a big way. I’ll probably still see it.

06:46 - Lyssa Spero:

And here we go: It really is reminiscent of ancient Greece. She looks like she should be chiling on Mount Olympus

06:45 - Trisha Lynn:

What’s up with Mila Kunis’ bodice? I remember when one of the Michaels of Project Runway did a bodice similar to that where there were some “thing” covering up the breast and it was definitely not a favorite of Tim Gunn’s.

06:44 - Lyssa Spero:

I think I need to see a full shot of Mila Kunis’ dress before forming an opinion, but I love her.

06:37 - Trisha Lynn:

Yowza, Anne Hathaway’s dress is amazing. I wonder how many other dress changes she will have this evening.

06:37 - Lyssa Spero:

Watching footage of Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit right after talking to her on the red carpet simply highlights just how good she is in that movie.

06:35 - Trisha Lynn:

Okay, so we’re watching the Channel 7 red carpet arrivals because we’ve determined that the best way for our food to arrive is to not think about our food arriving and to do something else instead, like actually working.

The saddest thing about this arrivals show is that George Pennacchio is wearing way too much bronzer.

06:34 - Lyssa Spero:

Hailee Steinfeld is so adorable. I love her age-appropriate dress, and she seems so put together at such a young age. It’s refreshing to see.

06:31 - Lyssa Spero:

I don’t like Russell Brand as much without the facial hair, but it’s so adorable that he brought his mom.

06:29 - Lyssa Spero:

Really??? Two hours of preshow for an Awards show? *Starting to possibly regret starting so early* -Just kidding, Trisha!

06:25 - Trisha Lynn:

So it’s 30 minutes to the Oscars and we’re waiting for our dinner order to arrive. Lyssa is showing off one of her recent Blu-ray acquisitions, the Wizard of Oz box set, which includes (of all things) a copy of the budget for the movie. Already, other people are live-Tweeting the red carpet arrivals and honestly, I think I’ll just peep at people’s clothes on the GoFugYourself live-blog at New York magazine‘s site or somewhere else.

Also, if I’m to be honest, I am not loving the idea of James Franco and Anne Hathaway being this year’s hosts because I’ve always been more of a fan of having a comedian (and his/her writing team) working on the show alongside the usual awards show scribes. They’re used to writing short, pithy jokes and depending on the comedian, they can really come up with some great material.

I sure hope our food comes soon.

05:54 - Trisha Lynn:

This is yet another test of our system; isn’t it fascinating to see us work on the blog live? This is a definite upgrade to our previous system wherein I had to type the timestamps out by hand.

05:44 - Lyssa Spero:

Just testing the system while we prepare for tonight’s live blog, which will commence with arrivals at 6:30.

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