Olivia Munn takes on Samantha Bee in battle of female correspondents

Congratulations are in order to “Attack of the Show!” co-host Olivia Munn who graduated to the big times last week by booking her first “special BLANK correspondent” segment for “The Daily Show.”

According to James Hibberd at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Live Feed blog, Munn is likely to be taping a few segments over the next few weeks and the response to her bits will determine whether or not she’ll be able to continue on as a regular special correspondent.

I have a love/hate relationship with geeky shows who hire non-geek-aligned women like Munn to host them. Sure, they need jobs like any other women do, but at the same time why not hire a host who has a little more experience in the field and is also attractive? At the same time, I’m glad that Munn was able to book this job because any step forward for Asian-American women in media is a good step, right?

Look for more work by Munn on “The Daily Show” in the weeks to come.

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  1. She's too attractive to be a correspondent. I can't concentrate on the humor.

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