Trisha’s Picture of the Day: Ursula Vernon is the best artist, ever

Among the good things that have come out so far regarding the problem with the most recent SFWA Bulletin is this encounter between Ursula Vernon, creator of the Digger webcomic and the Dragonbreath series of books, and John Scalzi. I’ll let Vernon speak for herself here: SFWA announced that they’re putting a task force on […]

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Comic Non-Sans: The End

No, no.  Come on.  Just because I was zonked last week doesn’t mean I’m ending the column.  I’m talking specifically about the closes of two long-running webcomics during my absence: those being Ursula Vernon’s long-running Digger and the soon-to-be-in-print Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton.  Two very different comics, stylish in their own ways, and two […]

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