PSN Tuesday – June 8th, or The PSP Wins Again

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, folks. This is an expensive week on the PSN. The update is huge, and both sides of the Playstation family brought the heat. Barely missing the first update of the month is a new episode of Qore, focusing on Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Green Day Rock […]

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Trisha’s Take: To buy an iPhone4, or not to buy an iPhone4?

If, like me, you were unfortunate enough to only have to rely on Twitter updates to find out exactly what new doohickies are going to be on the new iPhone rather than being able to stream it live, you can check it all out again courtesy of This Week in Tech’s special coverage of the […]

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PSN Update: Good solid PSP games get their due

June has arrived, bringing with it a shiny new Playstation Store update. The Spring Fling sale is gone, but fear not, gentle readers, you can still escape paying full price for downloadable games. Tuesday marked the launch of the “PSP Favorites” line, a collection of solid PSP games priced to win at $9.99. On the […]

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