13 Days of Daredevil: “Dogs to a Gunfight” (spoilers!)

I know I skipped a day yesterday, but after the long day at the office, the last thing I wanted to do was to turn on a computer so that I could blog about a Netflix show. Perhaps this could be the only downside to not binge-watching a series, but hey! some of us nerds […]

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13 Days of Daredevil: “Bang” (spoilers!)

As every Marvel Cinematic Universe fan knows, the second season of Daredevil hit Netflix on Friday, driving many superhero fans indoors over the weekend. I really enjoyed watching the first season at a clip of one episode a day, so rather than binge-watching like many of my friends have decided to do, I’m going to […]

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A Blockbuster set-top box?

Blockbuster is about to take the next step in retaining its market share, according to The Hollywood Reporter. After starting up a DVD rental mail service to combat Netflix years ago, the chain is rumored to announce the release of a set-top box for streaming video rental later this month. Though the company has denied […]

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