Musical Taste: Pomplamoose cover the ‘Angry Birds’ theme

I love Pomplamoose. Their videosongs are adorable, brilliant and fun. This latest one is pretty darn funny as well. I haven’t played Angry Birds myself, but I hear it’s a tiny bit popular.

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Musical Taste: Portal 2 and The National – Exile Vilify

Since it’s late, I’m tired/getting sick and I just finished Portal 2, I thought I’d leave you with this lovely fan made music video for one of the songs from the game, The National’s Exile Vilify.

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Musical Taste vs Trailer Watch: Fight for Your Right, Revisited

I…don’t really know what to say. This has an absurdly huge cast, is a sequel for a 25 year old music video, and could be truly amazing, or a spectacular miss. Either way, color me intrigued. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the red-band trailer for Fight for Your Right, Revisited. Fight for Your Right, […]

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Musical Taste: Dropkick Murphys – Going Out in Style

Dropkick Murphys – Going Out in Style St. Patricks Day is next week, so it seems only appropriate that in building up to a week of blackouts and pretending to be Irish, those staples of Boston Irish Punk, Dropkick Murphys would release a new whiskey and folklore infused record. And with their first in four […]

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Lincoln’s Video of the Day: The Black Keys – Howlin’ for You

The Black Keys continue to make great music videos. Their latest, the exploitation-ish film trailer for their song “Howlin’ for You” is probably the best thing to explode onto the internet this week. Check it out. Probably NSFW though. Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

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Musical Taste: CeeLo Green, the hit of the summer, and the Rebuttal

So if you’ve somehow missed it, over the last couple of weeks, a new single from R&B artist, CeeLo Green, has been taking the internet by storm. The song goes by the moniker “Fuck You” and is an awesomely NSFW throwback to early Motown. Initially, there was just a simple video for the song, the […]

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Musical Taste Video of the Day: This Gigantic Robot Kills by MC Lars

I grew up in the 90s, and accordingly, have a soft spot for ska music. You know, you start with a typical punk song and then all of a sudden, the horns kick in and everyone is skanking (the dance, not the….well I don’t even know how you’d verb the other thing). So when I […]

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Trisha’s Video of the Day: “Africa” by Toto with rain sound effects

Considering what happened last Friday on Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques, I thought this a rather appropriate video to view heading into this week’s strips: Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian jazz choir which was founded in 1983. You can download some of their music at their site, and I strongly urge you to check out […]

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