Graphically Speaking: “Fear Itself: Book 6” review

Fear Itself: Book 6 Written by Matt Fraction Art by Stuart Immonen with Laura Martin, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Chris Eliopoulos Published by Marvel Comics SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS ISSUES, Y’ALL: Where we last left off, Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter unleash ancient Asgardian baddie, The Serpent upon the world. Adding insult to injury, several heroes […]

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Marvel Studios starts looking at Dr. Strange

According to Mike Fleming in an exclusive for the New York branch of, screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer have been tapped to write the script adaptation of the Marvel comic Dr. Strange. This isn’t the first geek-oriented property that Donnelly and Oppenheimer have been involved with. The duo, which was credited along with […]

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Marvel announces same-day digital delivery; brick-and-mortar stores, fans freak out

After Marvel Comics announced last Wednesday (aka, the day that most comics hit the stores in the U.S.) that it would be offering Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 as a digital download on the same day as its regular print release, the blogosphere went into a tizzy and hasn’t fully recovered yet. Written by Matt […]

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Runaways to hit theaters!

Brian K. Vaughan created Y: The Last Man (which is in production at New Line), and he’s a co-producer and writer on Lost. But, to me, he’ll always be the guy who co-created (with artist Adrian Alphona) and wrote one of the best new comics in years: Runaways. Now, according to an article at The […]

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Tyrese Gibson talks Transformers 2 and more has an interview with Tyrese Gibson in which he spills the beans on a few upcoming projects of interest (not including his currently filming Legion, which sounds like a bad version of The Prophecy). Aside from his cameo in the unnecessary Fast and The Furious 4, Gibson is in consideration for the upcoming A-Team […]

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