Lincoln’s Link of the Day: Kids Love Lovecraft

Children’s scary stories are often based on classic folktales or on pure shock value (see the Scary Stories to tell in the Dark books or my dad’s favorite, The Golden Arm. I still find that terrifying.) Often these don’t require a lot of imagination. And kids have imagination in abundance. David Milano decided that he […]

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Lincoln’s Link of the Day: 14 Actors Acting

When I first came across The New York Times new celebrity “photo” gallery, I was astounded. And I think you will be as well. 14 Actors Acting: A Video Gallery of Classic Screen Types With actors such as James Franco, Vincent Cassel, Matt Damon, Lesley Manville, Natalie Portman and Chloe Moretz,there is a wide range […]

Trisha’s Link of the Day: iPhone + 24-hours without sleep = awesome comics story

As a writer, I love the concept and the results which come from the annual 24-Hour Comics Day events; this year’s batch was no exception. For the non-comics geeks reading this, I’ll explain briefly: Back in 1990, comics author, theorist, and now-luminary Scott McCloud dared his fellow comics artist friend Steve Bissette to draw a […]

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JB’s Link of the Day: Westboro vs Batman

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing — and the Westboro Baptist Church is swinging back. What they don’t seem to realize is that geeks are used to getting picked on, and when they grow up they learn how to mock. Oh, Westboro. Don’t try to take on people who want to emulate Superman. […]

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