Trisha’s Quote of the Day: How to apologize on the Internet, part 2

By our organization’s current bylaws, the president of SFWA has unilateral control of, and therefore is ultimately responsible for, the organization’s publications. This includes the Bulletin. This means that when all is said and done, I personally am responsible for the Bulletin and what is published between its covers. I have said this before but […]

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Trisha’s Picture of the Day: Ursula Vernon is the best artist, ever

Among the good things that have come out so far regarding the problem with the most recent SFWA Bulletin is this encounter between Ursula Vernon, creator of the Digger webcomic and the Dragonbreath series of books, and John Scalzi. I’ll let Vernon speak for herself here: SFWA announced that they’re putting a task force on […]

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Trisha’s Take: How Jean Rabe screwed the pooch for the SFWA Bulletin and how the SFWA can make things better going forward

[Editor’s Note: This article has been partially revised from its original form at the request of the SFWA to remove material which may have infringed on a copyright.] ETA: For some links and commentary on this issue, check out this list which Jim Hines compiled. Considering that I’m not a member of the SFWA (Science […]

Author’s Note: When Fandom and the Real World Collide

If you’re involved in the fanfic community at all, you may have heard about the recent published-author-vs-fan-author kerfuffle. If you haven’t, here’s a recap: Diana Gabaldon, best selling author of the Outlander series, put up a blog post in which she equated fanfic writers with creepy sexual stalkers and robbers. That post has since been […]

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Strippable Cover: Mark Twain’s own words, World-wide book groups, and John Scalzi has gone officially bugnuts

So here we are, starting a new book feature here at GOA, henceforth to be known as Strippable Cover. For those of you unaware, a strippable book are those mass-markets you buy in the airport bathroom’s newstand that have the ‘If you purchased this book without a cover…’ warnings in the beginning. That’s enough exposition. […]

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