Eyes on E3: Nintendo

It has been said around the internet that Nintendo “won” E3, so it seems silly for us at GoA to recap everything already said. However, we did lack in the Nintendo Department regarding e3 this year. Last year Nintendo let us down. Their presentation was lackluster at best, so this year, they needed to prove they […]

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Eyes on E3: Getting Kinected, and Slimming Down

Microsoft’s Monday press release was all about the upcoming motion-control peripheral system, Kinect. You might remember Kinect formerly as Microsoft’s Project Natal, announced at the previous E3. An obvious attempt to buy into the incredible success of Nintendo’s motion-sensing Wii console, the system has evidently progressed enough to have an actual product name (as opposed […]

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Trisha’s Take: To buy an iPhone4, or not to buy an iPhone4?

If, like me, you were unfortunate enough to only have to rely on Twitter updates to find out exactly what new doohickies are going to be on the new iPhone rather than being able to stream it live, you can check it all out again courtesy of This Week in Tech’s special coverage of the […]

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