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Geekly Speaking About interviews Josh A. Cagan

There have been many great things to come out of the invention of Twitter, and one of those things is the fact that Joe and Jane Average Geek can have a closer relationship to the celebrities they admire. Of course, sometimes what happens as a result of those Twitter conversations occurs in a completely unpredictable […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Interview with Onezumi Hartstein

Last year, I was fortunate to be one of the inaugural guests at Intervention, a webcomic and Internet culture-centric con run by Onezumi Hartstein and James Harknell.  The first year included guests such as Phil Kahn, T Campbell, David Willis, and shows by Cosplay Burlesque and Super Art Fight. Geeking Out About took a few […]

Whoa… part 2: Keanu Reeves lets Cowboy Bebop plot details slip, wants to be Spike

Listen, it’s not that I particularly have it in for Keanu Reeves. He’s a decent actor when he’s given stuff that requires him to be very stoic, and I was actually surprised and pleased by his work in A Scanner Darkly. But once again, I am forced to do the Luke Skywalker scream when faced […]

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Neil Gaiman to produce The Graveyard Book movie

The always cool and terribly awesome Jennifer Vineyard over at’s Splash Page turns in a wonderful interview with British author Neil Gaiman about his newest novel The Graveyard Book (over which Hollywood people went into a bidding frenzy even before it got published) and uncovers this gem: it is going to be made into […]

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Quick Cuts: Hayao Miyazaki's next, Shopaholic, David Gordon Green and… Suspiria?! (updated) has pointed me at an interview with Studio Ghibli’s Toshio Suzuki over at GhibliWorld (originally from Cut, in Japanese). Suzuki has served as a producer for all of Miyazaki’s films since Kiki’s Delivery Service, as well the Ghibli/Bandai co-production, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. The interview concentrates on Miyazaki’s next film, Ponyo on a […]

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