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Geekly Speaking About… Cameras, Cosplayers, and Consent

Even though it’s been a long time since I went to an anime convention, I remember how exciting and how much fun they are to attend. I also remember how much drama can surround an anime convention, especially when it comes to cosplayers and the people who like to take pictures of them. The topic […]

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Go-Go-Gaijin: ComiPo! Vocaloid For Comics!?

Maybe this software should be called “Comicoid”, because after five minutes of tinkering with it I realized right away who this software was for. Vocaloid, the hit music software that allows musicians and composers to create vocals for a singer-less song, took Japan by storm and has been a huge inspiration to up-and-coming songwriters. I […]

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Kara’s Video of the Day: Hurricane!

The coasts of Virginia and North Carolina are prepping for a beating from Hurricane Earl.  It’s looking as though my area is in the “medium” threat range, with areas just north and south in “high” threat and Cape Hatteras somewhere approaching “Biblical.” Right now people are buying batteries and nonperishables, making plans to be without […]

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