The Moving Day Raffle

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One of the problems about being a huge geek is that sometimes you acquire a lot of… stuff. And when you’re moving, the least amount of stuff you have to move, the better. My boyfriend found himself in a pickle recently because he’s gearing up for us to move in together, and found a shelf full of anime plushies and other memorabilia that he’s no longer interested in.

Sure, he could have gone the eBay route—and we may revisit that idea when we unpack—but the more fun option, in my opinion, is to give away the items for free! So, he graciously let me have them, and I’m going to be running a contest with the following choice of three prizes:

There are currently three ways to win:
1. Log into your Flickr account and comment on the picture in this set. I will also be uploading pictures of the prize-drawing as well to this same set.
2. Log into your Disqus account using whatever method you like best and comment on this entry.
3. Find the special Tweet from the GeekingOutAbout Twitter account and re-Tweet it to your friends.

Other things to know about this contest:
1. Winners will be initially contacted either via the Flickr commenting system, the contact system you have set up on your Disqus profile, or by direct message on Twitter. This means that if you choose the third option for entering the contest, you must be following the GeekingOutAbout Twitter account. Further contact will be by email.
2. All prizes will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail, and I will ship internationally.
3. All comments and/or re-Tweets must be made prior to 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday, August 18. The winner will be chosen and announced before midnight the following day.

Any other questions about this contest can be directed to Good luck!

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