Trisha’s Short Video of the Day: Simon’s Cat in “Hop It”

I don’t know about you, but with both Sarah Jane and an Academy Award-nominated director dying in the same week plus perhaps one of the most depressing Catholic and Christian holidays being today, perhaps you might need a little pick-up. And what better way than with being introduced to a little new animation?

Simon Tofield is a British animation director who started putting up little Flash videos on the ‘net, and his success on the web lead to a book deal and a daily cartoon in the Mirror, a popular British newspaper.

What I like about this short is that it reminds me that hand-drawn animation will always have a place in the great animation lexicon and that there’s great value in the love of simple, classic silent-movies.

Check out all the books here.

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  1. Written by Kara Dennison
    on 2011-04-22 at 13:02

    One of my favourite things about these cartoons has always been the quirkly little cat sounds. Sounds so much like my friend’s cat.

  2. Written by Arkonbey
    on 2011-04-22 at 14:42

    Wonderful. Thanks for posting this. I saw the one where the cat wakes him up, but didn’t know there were more!

    The Foley work is as good as the animation itself.

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