Blightyvision: “Single Father”

Directed by Sam Miller Written by Mick Ford Starring David Tennant, Suranne Jones, Warren Brown, and Rupert Graves When I first covered this for the now-defunct Watchlist column, I recall saying rather vehemently that the main thing I wanted to see in this show was David Tennant directed with a firm hand.  After his Lonely […]

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Blightyvision: “Luther”

Created by Neil Cross Starring Idris Elba, Warren Brown, and Ruth Wilson Well, cripes.  Here we come full-circle.  “Luther” was the subject of my very first Wibbly-Watchlist, and I was fortunate enough to get my peepers on it as it came out, thus making it the newest (and likely most relevant) thing I’ve reviewed yet […]

The Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Watchlist: “Single Father”

Did you know David Tennant is Scottish!?  Good Lord! I’ve never believed in a “Doctor Who” curse — former Doctors becoming so associated with the role that no one would ever accept them as anything else.  And honestly, if I did, David Tennant’s career as of now would disabuse me of the notion pretty quickly.  […]

The Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Watchlist: “Luther”

Mix the detached genius of Sherlock Holmes with the storytelling style of Columbo, throw in some dark psychological drama and moral conundrums, and what do you get? That would be Luther, a new six-episode crime drama starting this week on BBC One.  Idris Elba (best known for his role as Stringer Bell in The Wire) […]