Gordon’s Link of the Day: Pixar’s BURN·E short

Filmofilia has posted some of the special features found on the new (out today!) WALL•E DVD (also available in a few different HD and/or multi-disc choices), including a terrific seven and a half minute short intertwined with the main WALL•E story about a little robot welder named BURN•E. At right is one of many concept […]

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Go, Read: Hello, Dolly songsmith on WALL•E

The Associated Press has a sweet article (and by that I mean “awww” not “SWEET!”) on Hello, Dolly composer Jerry Herman’s reactions to his songs gaining a grand new level of life and meaning in the latest Pixar masterpiece, WALL•E. “My eyes were really wet at both the opening and the closing of the film, […]

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Disney and Pixar's upcoming animated films

Disney and Pixar have announced their a slate of ten animated films, to be released through 2012: 2008: Pixar’s WALL•E (June 27), Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Bolt (November 26) 2009: Pixar’s Up (May 29), Walt Disney Animation Studio’s traditionally animated The Princess and the Frog (Christmas) 2010: Pixar’s Toy Story 3 (June 18), Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Rapunzel (Christmas) 2011: […]

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Trailer Watch: Final WALL•E trailer

The final trailer for Pixar’s WALL•E is up in HD over at Apple, or you can watch the smallish version here, by clicking on the poster image below: WALL•E is directed by Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo). It arrives in theaters on June 27, 2008. If you don’t think this movie looks cute, you have no soul. […]

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Trailer Watch: Smart People, Chaos Theory, The Forbidden Kingdom, WALL•E

  Whoever cast Smart People is a genius. First-time director Noam Murro helms this Miramax-produced drama about a Literature professor (Quaid) whose freeloading brother (Church) comes for an extended stay. Ellen Page (Juno) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) round out the very strong and highly marketable cast; Page is just off Juno, and […]

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