Lincoln’s Video of the Day: TED 2023

TED talks are consistently brilliant. I’ve watched stand up comedian robots, heard musicians debut new songs and learned about asteroids. TED exhibits the most interesting and intelligent people who have fascinating things to say about their fields, the world and the future. Sometimes further in the future than we think. And with that, I give […]

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Musical Taste: CeeLo Green, the hit of the summer, and the Rebuttal

So if you’ve somehow missed it, over the last couple of weeks, a new single from R&B artist, CeeLo Green, has been taking the internet by storm. The song goes by the moniker “Fuck You” and is an awesomely NSFW throwback to early Motown. Initially, there was just a simple video for the song, the […]

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Musical Taste: Videosongs, viral musicians, and the music of your old computer

I honestly don’t think I could get through the day without some form of music. I’ve never understood those who don’t enjoy music in some form or limit themselves to liking “everything except country/pop/rap/etc.” I used to be that person, I’ll admit, but the variety of sounds even in one particular genre, for example, perhaps […]

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