21st Century Digital Gnome – the 800 Pound Gorilla

World of Warcraft is the 800 pound gorilla, because the developers at Blizzard have found a way to make very nearly every kind of player happy. The most hardcore raiders, the most casual of casuals and most of the rest of us who are somewhere in the middle. It’s not that they’re sitting where ever they want to. It’s more like they’re sitting on everything all at once.

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PSN Friday Update – May 28, 2010

The end of May brings a massive Playstation Store update. Today marks the last week of Sony’s “Spring Fling Sale”, offering $5 off Prince of Persia Classic ($4.99 now; regular $9.99). This price is only available until Memorial Day, so act quick if you want some old school platforming. The highlights of this week’s update […]

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Riding on a Steam Cloud

If you’re a regular reader of Geeking Out About…, you’ll know from last week that Portal is free until May 24. If you missed it, you can read the post to find out more. Go ahead, I’ll wait. All good? Then let’s move on. Since last week, the cry from the Mac Gamers of the […]

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Going Portal

Big news for the budget-conscious gamer out there; Portal, one of the greatest games of the new millennium—if not all time—is now free until May 24th.  So if you have a halfway-decent computer, download Steam and get it. Portal was originally one of the components of the legendary Orange Box collection that included such stand […]

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Jammin' with Jill: Where Roger Ebert went wrong

[Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to introduce my new co-editor Jillian Pullara, who will be covering games for this and the next iteration of MovieMakeout.com. And just what do I have planned? Answers, in a week or so. – TL] I don’t think you need me to reiterate the things that Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Roger […]

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Watchmen 8-bit arcade game

I haven’t been posting up-to-the-minute updates on the latest Watchmen websites and TV commercials and all of that because I, for one, would like to have seen as little as possible of the movie before going into the theater and trying to view the film as objectively as someone who hated 300 can. But this […]

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Fanboys screenwriter heads to the Thundercade (updated)

Variety reports that Fanboys screenwriter Ernie Cline has completed a script called Thundercade, about “a videogame junkie who faces a midlife crisis when he discovers a young punk has beaten the world record he has held since his teens. Determined to reclaim his place in gaming history, he and two friends escape their 9-to-5 lives for a shot to win […]

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